Death by Roses: Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose – Chapter 5

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Some distance away, Ruby has been walking around the forest calling out the names of her friends hoping they are close by. She has yet to receive a response. “What’s going on? Where is everyone?” Ruby said worried. She calls out Blake, Weiss and Yang’s names again. Again, silence is her only answer. Before their next confrontation with Salem, Ruby Rose and her teammates – Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and her sister Yang Xiao Long – were granted one more wish by Spirit of the Relic of Knowledge, Jinn. They had asked Jinn if she knew of a better way to prepare for their oncoming conflict with Salem. Jinn had transported them to world where “their true challenge awaits.” Ruby had asked if this challenge will improve their skills. Jinn gave no reply when she waved her hand, and everything went white. Ruby had woken up in the middle of the forest moments before she was attacked by the pack of Beowulf. She found herself alone aside from her brief encounter with the blonde girl carrying a large scythe that turned into a human boy. Who was that girl, she wondered. Ruby scanned the area slowing, looking for a sign – anything – that will lead her to her teammates. She stops after a few more steps. She then focuses her hearing. Ruby can sense something behind her. Turning around and quickly surveying the forest canopy, her eyes widen in shock and disbelief. “What, she can fly?!” she says.

Maka spots Ruby below. “There she is, Soul,” she tells her partner.

“Alright, here we go!” Soul said back.

They dive down after Ruby Rose who takes off running before turning into a cloud of rose Petals midstride.

“That’s how she moved so fast!” Soul exclaimed.

“C’mon, we have to catch her!” ordered Maka.

Ruby speeds through the forest with Maka and Soul in hot pursuit. They weave around trees and plants at incredible speed. Ruby, using her Speed semblance, stays just ahead of the DWMA students who are keeping pace with her. She spots a path to her right and makes a sharp turn. Maka quickly grabs Soul’s handle, hooks his extended blade onto a large tree to match Ruby’s turn before she lands back on the handle and continues their pursuit without breaking pace. Maka knows this chase cannot go on much longer. Soon the foliage will be too thick to continue, and Ruby will escape. Looking ahead, she sees they are coming to another clearing.

“We have to stop her before she escapes,” Soul tells her. He has also arrived at the same conclusion.

Thinking quickly, Maka comes up with a plan to stop Ruby. “Then we don’t let her!” she says. Then she hops up to stand on Soul’s shaft. Maka glares down at Ruby.

Soul, from within his weapon form, smirks. “Heh. It’s about time you got serious,” he says. “Alright, let’s give her hell.” Resonating their souls together, the wings on Soul grow larger. They take off like a rocket at Ruby. Once they’ve caught up to her, Maka leaps of Soul and tackles Ruby to the ground. They tumble into the clearly where Maka catches her footing enough to hurl the red hooded girl through the air and into the ground again. Soul catches up, transforms out of his scythe form and lands next to his meister. “You know that was nuts, right?” he says.

“Well, I stopped her, didn’t I?” Maka shot back while brushing herself off. “Besides, you’re one to talk.”

“You’re right,” Soul replied. He then transforms his right arm into a scythe blade. “So, you’re ready to bring this witch in?” he asks with a mischievous grin.

Maka responds by holding her arm towards Soul, who smiles and then transforms back into his weapon form. Maka glares Ruby down who is slow to get up. “Witch Ruby Rose! You are to return with us to DWMA for questioning about your recent activities. I ask that you do not resist any further,” she ordered.

“How many times do I have to tell you?!” Ruby protested. She braces Crescent Rose and drops into a battle stance. “I am not a witch!”

Hearing enough of Ruby’s excuses, Maka takes off, rushing at her with Soul drawn back for a strike. Ruby answers in kind. The red hooded girl calls Crescent Rose into action. Maka parries the attack and answers back with one of her own. Ruby defends against the strikes while she lashes back. With amazing speed, Maka whirls Soul around, meeting each strike.

“Careful, Maka. She can still fire while attacking,” Soul warned her, recalling Ruby’s previous feat.

Almost on que, Ruby fires off several rounds from Crescent Rose while she carved her weapon around. She fires one shot, whirls around with a low swipe, rotates the weapon to lay it across her shoulders and fires another round. Ruby uses the recoil from that shot to spin Crescent Rose once more for another. Thanks to Soul’s warning, Maka is able to watch the rose-colored scythe carefully and anticipate each shot, narrowly avoiding them. She lashes Soul around for a strike. It is parried. With a quick adjustment of her grip, Maka whirls around again. Ruby counters and strikes back. Both Ruby and Maka have nearly identical skill sets as they whirl and slash their weapon.

After being shoved back, Maka calls Soul to action.  The force of her strike resounds like thunder, pushing Ruby back slightly.  A split moment upon impact, she releases Soul from her left hand and takes the blade up in her right.  Whirling around, Maka comes at her with vicious back slash.  Again, a thunderous bell-like toll rings out.  She switches hands again and makes for Ruby’s back.  Her attack is blocked but barely.  Another hand change and Maka carves up with a slash that threatens to skewer her.  Taking a page from her, Ruby takes Crescent Rose in her free hand and just barely knocks the living weapon away.  Maka makes a quick adjustment in her grip before bringing Soul howling back at her red hooded opponent.  Her strike from overhead is successfully defended against.  The force generated sends a shockwave through Ruby and into the ground beneath her feet, creating a spider-webbed network of cracks in the surface.  The clashing blades grind together like sand in a vice.

Ruby, using her Semblance, transforms into rose Petals. Maka jams Soul’s blade into the ground to brace herself. Ruby returns to her normal state high in the air with Crescent Rose, now in its sniper gun mode, aimed at Maka. Anticipating the Huntress’s next move, Maka hops onto Soul, conjures up the wings and takes off just as the first round is fired. Ruby fires off a couple more shots. The force of the kickback is enough to keep her aloft for the moment. Maka and Soul sour up to meet Ruby, who quickly uses her “Petal Burst” to escape. After a brief chase, Ruby dives down, whips Crescent Rose around and fires off a few rounds before she reengages her Petal Burst just feet above the ground. Maka and Soul dodge the shots and continue the chase.

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