Deadpool SPOILER FREE Review!!

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Feel the love.

Feel the love.

There’s super hero movies. And then there’s Deadpool. The Merc with the Mouth explodes on to the big screen in all his wise cracking, butt kicking, fourth wall breaking glory. 20th Century Fox has let us down with that terrible version of the character in that equally bad X-Men Origins: Wolverine film. But they fully redeem themselves by doing exactly what should’ve been done with him in the first place: letting Deadpool be Deadpool. Just like in the comics, Wade Wilson is in his enemies’ faces, spewing one liners before spewing bullets. From opening credits to the final scene, Deadpool hits the gas and doesn’t let up. Rather than drag it out for the first twenty minutes, Deadpool’s origin is told in a unique way that doesn’t break from the action. Comedy and action play out beautifully with just enough seriousness that doesn’t disrupt Deadpool’s flow. The people behind the movie definitely had fun making it as they touch bases on several other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe including this one along with putting Hugh Jackman through the wringer. There are Easter eggs a plenty so be on the hunt for them especially the big one in the film’s climatic showdown. Ryan Reynolds brings it as Deadpool, channeling his early days from “Van Wilder” to give the best portrayal of a comic book character to date (sorry Avengers cast). He is everything that Deadpool was created to be; a wise cracking, smart mouthed, foul language, trash talking, highly skilled mercenary who talks so much crap that his eyes are brown. And he can care less. So if you’re a Deadpool fan then you have got to see this film. Even if you’re not a Deadpool fan but looking for a great comic movie besides what Disney dishes out then go see this movie. And even if you know nothing about Deadpool, then go see this film. It’s that good.

It’s 5 out of 5 for Deadpool.

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