Dante vs. Bayonetta Chapter 2

“Now this isn’t fair,” a casual voice breaks the silence.

The creatures turn to look at the newcomer. The woman opens her eyes and looks towards the beginning of the alley. A man stepped out of the darkness. He had silver hair and wore a striking red trench coat. On his back, he had a massive sword that is as long as he is tall. The man in red coolly strolled up to the creatures. He shines his eyes across them. There is no fear in those eyes. “A dozen demons ganging up on one lady; you’re overwhelming the poor girl,” said the man in red. “I came across your handiwork back there. I bet you didn’t even get that guy’s name.” The demons step from the man in red’s path as he strolled up to the woman. They seem to revere this man. The demon closest to the woman hesitates, but a stern look from the man in red has it kindly step aside.
The woman is at odds. She didn’t know what to make of this mysterious stranger. The way the demons reacted made her believe that he has some sort of command over them. However, upon closer examination, she noticed a few of them seemingly to be cowering. Her suspicions are true. The man in red did have command over the demons, but it isn’t out of reverence. It is fear. The demons feared this man.

“Hey, you were probably having a wonderful evening before all of this, weren’t you?” the man in red said casually. The woman didn’t know how to react let alone what to say. The man in red holds up a hand and says, “This is the part where you don’t ask questions. You’re just happy to see another handsome face and you want this to be all over. Don’t worry about them. Their bark is worse than their bite…sometimes.” The woman is not in the mood for comedy. She just wanted to get out the alley and forget this night ever happened. “I see you want outta here so all you got to do is stay to the right and you’ll be fine. Trust me, you don’t want to go to the left unless you have a really strong stomach,” said the man in red.

The woman allows her unorthodox savior to lead her past the group of demons. A couple of them snap at her but they are put into their place by a look the man in red gives them to quiet a barking dog. Once she safely past, the woman heads down the alley staying to right as the man in red instructed. She dare not go to the left, for fear of finding what exactly the demons did to her date.

“When you get home just take a hot bath and relax, you’ll be fine,” the man in red called to the woman. When the woman was out of sight, he turns his attention to the demons. By now, their number has doubled. They start to lose their fear and begin converging on the man in red. He just flashes a cheeky grin. “So you called in reinforcements, eh? You obviously forgot who you’re dealing with,” the man in red says as he draws the massive sword from his back and jams the tip into the ground. He removes two pistols from their holster strapped to his thighs and crosses his arms with his legs spread apart. He casts a steely gaze over the hilt of his sword. The demons look at the man’s imposing stance with familiarity. “Now you know don’cha? Go on, who’s your daddy?”

Soon, amidst the growling and other animalistic noise, a name slowly began to emerge from the crowd.


The demons’ voices begin to overlap as they seem to be delivering a message to the man in red.






“Jackpot,” says Dante.

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