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Devildriver1313 here again to dig into the big pile of parmesan for another installment of ‘Cheesy Cartoons-Love ‘em! Hate ‘em! But we still watched ‘em!!’ Before the film “Battleship” beat down Riannah worse than Chris Brown, the existed a cartoon that was (very) loosely based of a game. We’re all familiar with that little multicolored puzzle cube that used to make so many of us frustrated. Well there used to a cartoon about that Russian invention.

Rubik, the Amazing Cube

Rubik, the Amazing Cube was a Saturday morning cartoon that aired from September 10, 1983 to September 1, 1984. The program was broadcast alongside of video game icon Pac-Man as part of the Pac-Man/Rubik, the Amazing Cube Hour block on ABC, featuring a magic Rubik’s Cube named (big surprise) Rubik who could fly through the air and had other special powers. Rubik could only come alive when the colored squares on his sides had been matched up. The premise of the show centered on Rubik who helped 3 siblings—Carlos, Lisa, and Reynaldo Rodriguez—in foiling the magician’s attempts to recover him. Once, Rubik was recovered by a detective who was a relative of the magician, but then decided the children should keep Rubik as the magician would use him for evil and selfish purposes.

CHEESE FACTOR: The drama of the show focused on the fact that the cube was easily fully scrambled, such as by being dropped or grabbed by the family dog or some other out-of-place incident and usually solved quickly by the Rodriguez children, although in stressful circumstances it took them longer. This happened a lot. When it hits the fan, all of Rubik’s sides are matched and he is activated, but then he is scrambled by some weird accident and the kids have to hurry and match him up so he can save their butts. These kids are supposed to be responsible yet none of them thought to put their magical cube inside their backpack. I know they’re kids but still. This was a running gag kinda got old quick. What else makes this cheesy is that there have been a couple instances where the bad guys would wait. Yes, patient bad guys are common in any cartoon series but really. The antagonist is gonna put on the brakes and let the kids solve their puzzle cube. Even when I watched this, I was like “Hunh?” And at times the main focus was taken off the nameless evil magician and a real world situation or two was thrown into the mix. Like when the eldest son had run afoul of a bully who had thwarted his efforts to gain a potential girlfriend, while at the same time the bully was making himself appear decent to the girl. Rubik worked in secret to expose the bully’s true brutal personality in front of the girl. Yeah, a magical talking cube with a freakishly hoarse voice helping a kid score? He probably coulda talked to dad about this one. Speaking of the hoarse voice, Rubik sounded like a digitized Smurf. A couple cough drops would clear that right up.

Rubik, the Amazing Cube_power
WHY WE WATCHED: Rubik wasn’t all bad. There was just enough action to keep the show interesting. When activated, he had the ability to fly, change his shape and shoot lasers from his eyes. And laser beams from the eyes is a plus for awesomeness in any show. But the main reason might be because it was on Saturday morning and kids needed something to watch before mom took over the TV at noon.

Rubik, the Amazing Cube ended after just 18 episodes, far shorter than the second season of Pac-Man with which Rubik was paired with. The show all but faded into the pages of cartoon history, yet the little magical cube still resonates with many of the 80s kids who now have kids of their own. However, it wasn’t the greatest cartoon out there and it couldn’t hold up to Pac-Man or the Smurfs, their Hanna-Barbera friends. But it had its moments.

Rubik, the Amazing Cube gets a cheesy rating of…
It was super cheesy and super lame but, train wreck it was, we still watched it and still can recall it.

Rubik, the Amazing Cube Intro preformed by Ricky Martin’s old pals “Menudo”

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