Check out the horror short film, “DINNER”.

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One moment can change everything. When Dylan goes out for the night, she’sexpecting a normal date – maybe dinner and a movie. But her night doesn’t goas planned. Suddenly the reality is that instead of going to dinner, she may soonbecome dinner.

The director of this film, Aleksandra Svetlichnaya was born in Kharkov, Ukraine and later relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her family. She is an accomplished actress,model and costume designer, with DINNER marking her screenwriting, producing and directorial debut. As a huge supporter of the entertainment industry in Philadelphia, Aleksandra gathered all her cast and crew for the production from the Philly area. DINNER was also filmed in Philly.

Aleksandra was asked about the inspiration and motivation behind creating DINNER: “As a blonde, fit, reasonably attractive young woman, I have found that theonly roles I am considered “marketable” or ‘right’ for are the ‘model’, ‘girlfriend’ or ‘victim’ type roles. I find this to be very wrong. What kind of a message doesthat send to women? That is where the journey to DINNER began.”


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