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Deadman Wonderland coming to DVD!!

After its run on the revived Toonami block, Deadman Wonderland is set for a DVD release of the complete series just in time for Halloween. I mistakingly passed up the series when it was on Toonami. Now I’m regretting it. This series is right up my alley in terms of horror and action! I will …

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Actor Michael Clarke Duncan dies at 54!

Michael Clarke Duncan–best known for his role as an inmate with healing powers in the “Green Mile”–died Monday after suffering a heart attack. He has been in a Los Angeles hospital since July 13 undergoing treatment. Duncan, at 6 feet 3 inches tall and 300 pounds, was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden …

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So what is this whole “Brony” thing?

Recently, the Hasbro toy company’s My Little Pony Friendship is Magic TV show series has sparked more Conventions, Fan Sites, and Forums in the past two years in America than most children’s shows ever would in ten. The ironic thing about it is, the main audience for the show is adult men. The series is …

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Star Wars Clone Wars – Season 5 Trailer #2

Republic Commando, Mandalorian war and Darth Sidious taking on Darth Maul await this season! I think this might be the most action-packed season ever in the Clone Wars series. A new date and time will be Saturdays at 9:30am. The new season will begin September 29th, 2012     Video is courtesy of IGNEntertainment

Cosplay Spotlight: Alexia Jean Grey

Introducing Alexia Jean Grey, our newest addition to our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? There are many reasons why I dress up in spandex but most of all I get to express my creativity and being able to show my nerdy self. Growing up I always idolized super heroines, not only are they pretty but …

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Random (MegaRan) – Buggin’ (The Metamorphosis) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

The is song is titled “Buggin’ (The Metamorphosis)” from the Mega Ran in Language Arts, Volume 1 album, and when I say this is one of the coolest music videos I’ve seen in a long while, believe me and take a look at this. Very creative and fun! Produced by EOM. Album: Mega Ran in Language …

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American Horror Story: Season 2 Sneak Peek!!

American Horror Story, Season 2 is not set to premiere until October 2012 yet a newly released clip was issued to keep us excited – it worked!!!

Cosplay Spotlight: Eric “The Smoke” Moran

Learn about the cosplayer known as Eric “The Smoke” Moran. COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I cosplay because I feel on top of the world when I can dress up as characters that I love. Whether it’s from comics, TV, horror, video games, etc., I don’t have to apologize nor explain. Dealing with everyday …

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Star Trek: The Game announcement!

I’m a fan of many things whether it’s movies or games. So imagine my surprise that, after a long hiatus, Star Trek is coming back to the gaming scene. Based on the reboot of the franchise, the game is set to take place in between the 2009 film and its upcoming sequel and is being …

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New $99 Gaming console. Ouya.

Will this new $99 Android gaming console live up to it’s expectations? Or will games be pirated like everything else on the android market?