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Castlevania season three Official Trailer – premieres March 5

Here it is, y’all! Netflix has dropped the official trailer for their hit animated series, Castlevania! Carmilla is making her move to wipe out humanity along with the other vampire generals now that Count Dracula has been defeated. Can Trevor Belmont, the last of the Belmont Clan; Sypha Belnades, a Speaker who wields powerful magic …

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Strange Things season 4 teaser trailer!! OMG…What?!

If you thought Stranger Thing’s third season ender raised questions, then the teaser trailer for season four ought to raise those eyebrows to the roof. Watch the trailer to see what I’m talking about!

Walk like an Egyptian in “Awesome Cartoons” with Mummies Alive!

When we see mummies, we think of these slow, lumbering bandaged corpses who come to life due to the greed of a poor unfortunate soul who disturbed their slumber. These undead creatures are ready to curse all who dare enter their tombs. But what if they were shown in a different light – shown as …

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Castlevania returns to Netflix in March!!

Hello fellow gamers, DevilDriver1313 here with good news for all you Castlevania fans! Netflix has announced that the hit animated series Castlevania will be returning in March for a 10-episode run, that is up two more episodes compared to the second season’s eight which itself is doubled from the first season quartet. The Adi Shankar …

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Check out Disney+ Marvel Super Bowl TV Spot!!

During the big game, Disney+ gave us a teaser for their upcoming MCU television shows. Check out Falcon and Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Loki in this amazing trailer. Sign up for Disney+ for more amazing shows and movies!

Netflix live action One Piece series to be overseen by Oda himself!!

Look alive, you scallywags! Netflix be planning a live action series based on the popular adventure manga series One Piece. What’s even better is that the project will be overseen by creator Eiichiro Oda himself. Writer and producer Steven Maeda will serve as showrunner/writer for the planned 10-episode first season. Maeda has written episodes for …

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Netflix drops new Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 trailer, reveals cast

Netflix drops a new trailer for Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, the new CG anime series in the franchise. The trailer reveals the main cast and staff working on this new series that continues to follow Major Kusanagi and the Section team as they battle cyberterrorism in the mid 21st Century. Cast members from past …

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Patrick Stewart asks Whoopi Goldberg to return to “Star Trek” role, she said “yes!”

Trekkies everywhere are giddier than a sack full of Tribbles! Patrick Stewart beamed down to “The View” yesterday and extended an invitation that left host Whoopi Goldberg speechless. The 79 year old star of the CBS All Access series “Star Trek: Picard” asked Goldberg, 64, to reprise her role as Guinan for the show’s second …

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Full-scale moving Gundam statue mobilizes October 2020!!

Yup, you read that right! The Gundam Factory Yokohama is getting ready to roll out another full size Gundam model…and this one is going to move! The statue will be unveiled at Yamashita Pier in Yokohama City on October 1, 2020 and will be on display until October 3, 2021. The moving statue was originally …

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It’s all connected!! Crisis of Infinite Earths Review Pt. 2!! *SPOILER WARNING*

Read only if you have watched the Arrowverse annual crossover event!! For the first part, click HERE The CW has long wanted to show a connected universe of DC television and film properties and have done so in spectacular fashion. As the anti-matter wave crept across the multiverse, we saw several worlds be destroyed. Earth-66 …

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