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Mega Ran comic page 3!

 So much build up! Is it killing you yet? Well check out what the announcers say about our hero. Who has faith in Mega Ran and who doesn’t? Read page 3! Click HERE or just go to the COMICS section.

Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 2 is a up!

 Hip hop, Street Fighter, Avatar the Last Airbender, AND Mega Man? If there was something like this I would have a nerd fit! Oh wait, there is! That’s right folks! Come and get it! Check out page 2. J1 Studios and RandomBeats presents… Click HERE or just go to the COMICS section.

Random aka MegaRan – “Language Arts (First Day of School)” – Official Video

This is the official music video of Random (aka Mega Ran)’s singl Lauguage Arts from the  album “Mega Ran in Language Arts Vol 1.” This is part of a super project put together by companies, Random Beats, Lunar Giant Studios, and us here at J1 Studios. The “Language Arts” project consists of music, videogames, and …

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