“CATCH ‘EM ALL! KILL ‘EM ALL!”, the Pokemon horror trailer


Imagine if the Pokemon universe was also a slasher film…

A group of unsuspecting Pokémon trainers unleash HELL from a Poké Ball…
What if Jigglypuff was a serial killer? Underbelly combines Pokémon and slasher movies.

Jigglypuff on a killing spree… Professor Oak played by Stuart Zagnit, the ACTUAL VOICE of Professor Oak! I really hope that they can make this into a film.

Directed and Edited by Shawn Caple
Written by Newt Wallen and Justin Silverman

Jigglypuff – Justin Skyler Daniels
Nurse Joy – Loretta Ven Detta
Officer Jenny – Keryn Thompson
Professor Oak – Stuart Zagnit

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