Calling All Trainers! Pokémon X & Y Tournament at J1-Con!

J1 CON Pokemon X&Y

Thats right! Bring your Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Systems! Aside from the crazy amount of street passing you’ll do, you can also enter your Pokémon team in our Smogon competition standard pokemon X & Y tournament at J1-Con!
$5.00 Entry fee – Double elimination.

Hosting this tournament will be the newest member of our J1 Studios Staff, Rick Konczyk, but perhaps we should call him Professor Rick!


This man has traveled far and wide from MAGfest to Otakon to TooManyGames where he’s hosted Pokemon tournaments by both official rule sets and custom ones. He is well known for his ability to create exciting modified tournaments that alter the standard rules, challenging the resourcefulness and skill of competitors!

For the full info on rules and prizes, visit to the Gaming Page on the J1-Con Website.

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