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The cartoons of yesteryear had one thing in common—heroes. Heroes who inspire children to always do good and believe in what is right. These valiant warriors of justice were put in the linelight where they can be loved by all. While most of those soldiers of fortune were either robotic or lived on distant worlds, one series paid honor to actual real life heroes who fight crime in a future time. This is Devildriver1313 with the roll call for C.O.P.S.!


C.O.P.S. debuted in October 5, 1988. The series focused on the rising crime rate in Empire City that is too much for the Empire City Police Department to handle. Mayor Davis requests aid from the federal government and Agent Baldwin P. Vess is sent to help. However, Baldwin is severely injured in a car wreck and then outfitted with a cybernetic bulletproof torso that allowed him to walk again. Knowing he cannot take on Big Boss alone, he sends Empire City police officer P.J. O’Malley and rookie Donny Brooks to find the best law enforcers from around the country. With these men and woman, Baldwin, now going by the codename Bulletproof, forms a team that is the “finest law enforcement in the country.” With his Central Organization of Police Specialists, or C.O.P.S., Bulletproof and his team are able to thwart many of Big Boss’ schemes time and time again.

Baldwin P. Vess formed C.O.P.S. to take down i Boss and the C.R.O.O.K.S.

Baldwin P. Vess formed C.O.P.S. to take down i Boss and the C.R.O.O.K.S.

AWESOMENESS!! In an era where heroes fought the forces of evil on distant worlds wielding magical swords or riding giant green tigers, COPS featured a relatable cast of characters who can exist in reality, much in the same way G.I. Joe based their heroes on different branches of the military, which makes sense since Hasbro was behind both toylines. Each character’s codename represented an actual aspect of law enforcement. Bulletproof is representative of a Police Detective and even worn a brown Columbo-style trench coat while P.J. O’Malley (codename: Longarm), Walker Calhoun (codename: Sundown), Colt Howards (codename: Mace) and Rex Pointer (codename: Bowser) are representative of a Beat Cop, Texas Ranger, SWAT Officer and K-9 officer respectively. In the other corner, the antagonists of the series, known as CROOKS, have colorful “Dick Tracy” inspired names such as Rock Krusher, who uses a heavy duty jackhammer; Turbo Tu-Tone, the getaway driver; Ms. Demeanor, who’s name says it all; Buttons McBoomBoom, who actually looks like a “Dick Tracy” badguy and has machine guns mounted in his chest and Doctor Badvibes, a mad scientist who has literal brainstorms. The CROOKS are led by Big Boss who could be a part of Al Capone’s family tree. Not only were the COPS names unique to their profession, so were their weapons. Longarm wore a wrist device that extends out a handcuff-like device to grab criminals escaping the law; Sundown is an excellent lasso handler and sharpshooter and Bowser has his robotic dog Blitz who thinks like a human being. And like most 80’s cartoons, COPS featured a PSA (Public Servie Announcement) after each episode that taught kids about being better citizens.

COPS ran for 65 episodes from October 5, 1988 to February 20, 1989 before it was canceled due the 1989 debut of the unrelated primetime reality show of the same name that also featured people in law enforcement. Nevertheless, COPS left their mark on our childhood that stays with us until this day. It was a show about real life heroes that told us to respect the men and women of law enforcement and that the police can be cool.

COPS gets an AWESOME RATING of 4.5 out of 5!

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