BLIZZCON 2013 Epic Cosplay Video

Blizzcon is a convention created by Blizzard entertainment and it revolves around their signature games. So in this cosplay video you’ll be seeing characters from World of Warcraft, Diablo  and Starcraft. Enjoy!

Here’s a list of some of the cosplayers, along with their respective characters:

Lightning Cosplay (Male and Female Barbarians)

Arms, Armor and Awesome (Auriel and Spellbreaker)

Kamui Cosplay (Protoss Wizard)

Maghia Cosplay (female Varian Wrynn)

Lyz Brickley Cosplay (Lilith)

Lorraine Torres Costume Design (Yzan – Diablo III Concept Character, Caldeum Nobility)

Jessica Nigri (Blood Elf)

Andy Rae (T13 Death Knight – World of Warcraft)

Monika Lee (Demon Hunter – Diablo III)

Lindsay Elyse (Blood Elf Priest – World of Warcraft)

Vash Fanatic Cosplay (Anduin Wrynn)

First Keeper (Maghda – Diablo III)

Vickybunnyangel Cosplay (White Wizard)…

Shadowglaive Cosplay (T2 Paladin – World of Warcraft)

Cryptomancer’s Cosplay (Tyrael Marine)

Jenki Cosplay (female Blood Elf)

Rachel Rakowski (Terran Ghost – Starcraft 2)