Black Dynamite review!!

Created by: Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Scott Sanders
Written by: Carl Jones, Brian Ash
Directed by: Nathan Clesowich, Kalvin Lee, Juno Lee, Justin Ridge, LeSean Thomas
Animation:Titmouse Inc.

I’m gonna tell ya the story about a brother named Black Dynamite. He’s super-bad and super-fly; he’s super tough and one helluva guy. Bad guys oughta know they ain’t gonna win and now he got a new show on Adult Swim. Ok, I’m not going to rhyme all the time (that’s the last one). Black Dynamite premiered last night Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim as a part of the network’s adult entertainment line-up. The animated series is based off the 2009 movie of the same name. In case you don’t know, Black Dynamite is a former CIA agent who has vowed to clean up the streets of drug dealers and gangsters after his brother is killed by a shady organization. The series picks up with him upholding that vow.

Michael Jai White reprises his role as Black Dynamite (that rhyme was unintentional). The opening of the premier has him staking out a warehouse full of ninjas along with Honeybee (Kym Whitley reprising her role) and Bullhorn (Byron Minns reprising his role). Dynamite just set explosives. He detonates the building and makes his way to the car, only to discover that their driver is missing. The gang is quickly surrounded by black ninjas. No, seriously they’re black. Not just dressed in black but actually black. Anyway, that when heck breaks loose in an action-packed and often times hilarious fight. While fighting inside an electronic store, Black Dynamite sees his get-a-way driver Cream Corn dancing to the Jackson 5 on Soul Train. Now here’s where things get twisted. Young Michael Jackson is depicted as a bad little brother with an even badder attitude. He so bad his brothers and father Joe are afraid of him. Michael orders Joe to kill one of his brothers because of mess up during their performance on Soul Train. Cream Corn arrives backstage just in time to see Joe pull a gun on Michael. He leaps in the path of the bullet only to end up shot in the butt. Michael sees Cream Corn as his friend because the act and, long story short, treats him like his personal b**** and later, turns out to be an alien.

L to R: Cream Corn (Tommy Davidson), Honeybee (Kym Whitley), Bullhorn (Byron Minns), Black Dynamite (Michael Jai White)

Black Dynamite was wonderfully entertaining with all the craziness that made Boondocks so funny and the characters feed off each other so well. That tends to work when you have the same actors portray the characters. Michael Jai White is just awesome as Black Dynamite. Honeybee’s sassiness is brought wonderfully by Kym Whitley. It’s no surprise that Tommy Davidson is wildly entertaining as Cream Corn, which isn’t a hard role for him since he played zany characters before, especially in his “Livin’ Color” days. But the real stealer of the spotlight was young Michael Jackson. I like how he was done. He was made out to be so smooth and bad that silk would wrinkle just him looking at it. All in all, I found the series premier of Black Dynamite to be comically entertaining and can’t wait see what else is in store for this bad mo’fo.

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