Beware the Tooth Fairy!! Sleepy Hollow S3 Ep.4 Recap!!



A new treat from Pandora targets children in their sleep. Abbie and Jenny speak to the girl named Saffron about the monster she saw. They head to the girls’ home where Abbie and Jenny investigate the girls’ room while Crane speaks with Saffron. She shows them a picture of the monster which she says is the Tooth Fairy. Crane tells Abbie and Jenny the story about Betsy Ross’ encounter with the Tooth Fairy. Later that night, a young boy is visited by the creature. Crane and Jenny determine that the Abyzou is targeting children and narrow it down to an elementary school. Crane portrays a guest speaker to a class where he asks the children if they had lost a tooth. He notices one boy acting strangely. He and Jenny talk to the boy Jerry. Jenny then hands him a silver coin. That night, Abbie and Jenny stakeout Jerry’s home while Crane and Joe Corbin watch Saffron. Responding to Jerry’s scream, Abbie and Jenny to him and attempt to fend off the Abyzou with Jerry’s help. However, Abbie is severely injured by the creature and taken to the hospital. At the archives, Crane has Paul Revere’s dentistry bag and figures out that his dental tools actually form a weapon the can kill the Abyzou. Pandora resumes to taunt Abbie at the hospital. Elsewhere, Jenny and Crane battle the Abyzou using silver nitrate to weaken and then kill it.
The Tooth Fairy is usually seen as a beautiful Fairy type being who visits the homes of children to collect their baby teeth and then leave them a reward in exchange. Sometimes kids see a fun loving animal instead. But what if the Tooth Fairy isn’t the nice, glittering winged angel that concern have come to believe? The Tooth Fairy in Sleepy Hollow is actually a demonic, crazy walking creature. Called an Abyzou, the creature would creep into children’s rooms and steal their souls, leaving them in a coma like state. According to folklore, the Abyzou is a female demon that was blamed for miscarriages and infant mortality and was said to be motivated by envy since she herself was infertile. This nature of attacking of children and killing them has been updated for the series. The Abyzou go after children who have lost a tooth because of another folklore that the wound left by the meeting tooth acts as a portal in which a demon can draw out a soul. Crane has encountered this demon before. Betsy Ross’ niece was attacked by the Abyzou so she called the one person who could help, Paul Revere. Yup, it’s time to rewrite history again. Somewhat. Ichabod Crane describes Paul Revere as being a dentist which is true according to the historical account that Revere did in fact practice dentistry. Contrary to popular belief, Paul Revere had nothing to do with George Washington and his famed dentures. Though Crane says that he did. But Revere was also a part of the secret army fighting against the supernatural, same as Crane and Betsy Ross.


The Abyzou incident strikes a chord with Abbie and Jenny who have experienced supernatural happenings since they were children. They feel a kinship with the sisters who have been targeted by the Abyzou, recalling their own childhood particularly their father. Abbie has found their estranged two months ago but has yet to tell Jenny, fearing that she would be upset. Harboring this secret has created a ball of guilt in Abbie. However, while watching one of the children, Jenny reveals that she had found their father five years ago. A rift is put between the sisters with Jenny blaming Abbie for her adverse feelings towards their father. The Mills sisters are not strangers to personal bouts; they have had plenty before. Like all siblings, they squabble. But they also learn to forgive each other. Jenny makes up with Abbie after the Abyzou attacked Abbie. With another fight settled and an agreement to leave their father to his new life, Abbie and Jenny are ready to face to forces of evil as sisters.


Well, it turns out that Pandora is not the mythical bearer of the Box of Greek legend. She is actually from Sumerian descent, as determined by Ichabod Crane. Nevertheless, she is proving to be a most formidable foe. Pandora had sent the Abyzou to instill fear amongst the children likely to feed this plant that she has that sprouts a black rose each time she seemingly succeeds in her endeavors. While her true intentions have yet to be revealed, she does thrive in tormenting Crane and AbbieAfter Abbie is injured by the Abyzou, Pandora pays her a visit in the hospital, trying to dig into Abbie’s fear. She firmly believes that they are destined to be destroyers rather than saviors. However, Crane and Abbie will stand firm in their belief that they will stop Pandora and any evil she releases in Sleepy Hollow.

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