BBC Original on Netflix You Need to Watch NOW… River


River is a British crime drama/miniseries which originally aired on BBC One this fall and made available internationally on Netflix in November.

John River (Stellan Skarsgard) is a London Detective Inspector haunted by his recently deceased partner, Detective Superintendent Jackie “Stevie” Stevenson (Nicola Walker). River is a solid detective working in a state not many others can claim; his every day is a battle with visions and discussions with the dead. We don’t know if they are spirits or his mind’s projections but what we can observe is that while the exchange with the deceased leads him to new discoveries, it also widens the divide between him and normalcy (and human connection). River embarks on a mission to solve Stevie’s murder while verbally (and sometimes physically) struggling with the dead who continue to prod, poke, and force him to look deeper and gain insight to the cases he is working.

The direction beautiful, not demanding time to constantly be filled with unnecessary procedure or conversation. There are moments in which we are staring at him while he struggles with his demons, both external and internal, and we can FEEL it.

The show is dark, despairing, intense and intriguing. I dare you to try to stop at only one episode.

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