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Power Rangers Shattered Grid: The Rise and Fall of Lord Drakkon

Hey everybody, your friendly neighborhood Power Ranger Tribble here, with the lowdown on the latest adventure of everyone’s favorite teenagers with attitude. So a few months ago Jason David Frank was in seen in a trailer as Lord Drakkon, a villainous version of Tommy Oliver from an alternate dimension who was not only able to …

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Angels of Hell: The Four Horsemen of Salvation

So the rapture is at hand the world is in chaos and all hope seems lost. At least it would seem that way but there is a chance to save the human race. The last descendant  of Christ can save us all and a team of four have taken it upon themselves to seek out …

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R.I.P. Francisco “Frankie” Rodriguez

7 years ago, when I first joined J1 Studios, I was assigned to what was then known as the Comic Book Clash and met who would become, a close friend, a mentor, and a kindred spirit. Frankie had a true passion for all things nerdy, when we started out we were 2 guys writing about …

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Shattered Grid: Lord Drakkon Rises

It’s morphin’ time folks, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have come back. Two years ago Boom studios rebooted the series as a comic book set in the modern day, picking up from the conclusion of the ‘green with  evil’ storyline from the original show but the comics go in a completely different direction. One of …

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Death of Wolverine

Hey there geeks and gals, it’s your friendly neighborhood comic geek Hector with some not so great news. After years of being the best in the Marvel Universe at what he does(despite what he does not being pretty) one of the biggest names on the company’s roster is on a schedule set to expire September …

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Don’t Forget the Forgotten

Evan Young and Jareth Grealish, two local comic book creators will be signing copies of their work, “The Forgotten,”today from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Comic Station (615 Station Avenue, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035). The Forgotten is a mystery graphic novel involving a man with the ability to erase himself from peoples memories, …

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Michael Bay, WHY YOU DO THIS?!?!?!

This just in from Michael Bay’s TMNT movie, William Fichtner will be playing Eric Sachs in the film. So just who the shell is Eric Sachs? True TMNT fans know this character as Oroku Saki. That’s right , Shredder is now a white man by the name of Eric Sachs. How exactly will this change …

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Movie review: Oblivion

Hey all you out there in the J1 Universe, hope you’re all well. with all these movies out claiming to be the best movie in the world, #1 movie in the world, etc. I figured I’d help you weed out the truth about at least one of them. So I went to see Oblivion this …

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Why Marvel Why?!?!?

Spoiler Alert the following rant contains information from Amazing Spiderman issue 700. You have been warned. So in his final dying days Doctor Otto “Octopus” Octavius was able to invade the mind of Peter “Spiderman” Parker leaving Peter in his broken dying shell. despite his best efforts Peter was unable to reverse the switch before …

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Planet Hulk Live action movie

Quite possibly kiddies there are talks of a stand alone Hulk movie with some speculation of the plot following Planet Hulk. The Hulk movie wont be until after The Avengers Sequel so unfortunately we’ll be waiting a while. (Avengers 2 to be released 2015) but still that’s one more thing to anticipate    1,534 total views

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