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Hey Im Forrest, aka. Forrest Fire. Been with J1 studios for about a year and some and I am dedicated to making music my lifestyle. Need to record a rap or looking for a beat? Email me and moves will be made. The Forrest is on Fire but it Never Burns Down.

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Want to learn Nunchucks? We’ve found you a Sensei

Hey everyone, Forrest here! In my time at J1 Studios, I’ve collaborated on game remixes, interviewed cool people, and lead the video production of our TV Commercials. Last year, I produced the Cosplay LED Flow Arts Performance, where I cosplayed as Prince Zuko at the J1-Con Music Fest. Since 2011, I’ve been creating and drilling full body movement techniques …

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Free Nunchuck Classes, Every Saturday in Philly’s Clark Park!

Hi, Forrest Shamlian here! You may know me as the guy who brought you awkward silly interviews with JonTron, Vic Mignogna, Professor Oak, GameChops and SILVERMANIA! You might also have seen me cosplaying Zuko in the Avatar the Last Airbender Cosplay Flow Arts Performance at J1-Con Music Fest. After putting on that performance with my …

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Share & Win Your J1-Con Music Fest Raffle Tickets Today! $20 Worth of Value!

From now until May 31st, you will be able to win up to four raffle tickets just by sharing our videos!! At five dollars a ticket at the convention, that $20 worth of value!   To win your tickets just follow these two simple instructions. Post one of the two videos below on Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook …

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Avatar: The Last Airbender – Cosplay FLOW ARTS at J1-Con!

My fellow fans of all things geek, I address you sincerely and formally. I bring you all great news. I am working hard to spread the awareness and appreciation of the flow arts movement to new audiences. My friend Matthew Brenner, Rebecca Sheng, and myself are working very hard to put together a complex multi-performer Avatar …

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Interview with the AAA! (A**Hole Animator Association)

If you watch cartoons on Newgrounds or Youtube, chances are you’ve seen their work! Forrest hangs out with several members of the AAA, a group known widely on Youtube and Newgrounds for their animations, art, and parody cartoons. If you enjoyed this interview, please subscribe to our channel! More MAGfest 2015 Interviews coming soon! Check …

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Interview with StarStorm! AAA Interview Tomorrow!

Amanda Rudolph, stage name StarStorm, makes awesome video game remix & chiptune music, and she proved at MAGfest that she knows how to perform a killer set too! Check out the interview we did with her, as we discuss some of the 8 & 16-bit video games that have influenced her musical style. Keep making …

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JonTron Interview Today, StarStorm Tomorrow!

Stay tuned! We’ll be releasing the rest of our interviews throughout the next week or two.  1,844 total views,  4 views today

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Kicking off our MAGfest Interviews Tomorrow, with JonTron!

*** UPDATE *** Here it is! Thirty days ago from today it was a Saturday, and many of you were at MAGfest, gaming, rocking out, and attending panels where your favorite internet celebrities answered hours of your fun fan questions. Little did you know, the J1 Studios team was busy going from floor to floor …

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JonTron – Brentalfloss – Tom Fulp & More. MAGfest Interviews, Coming Soon!

MAGfest was a busy time for the J1 Studios Coverage Team. Lots of Super Smash Bros to play and many good musics to enjoy. One of the best parts of our weekend was meeting a bunch of awesome people who hung out with us for a bit and told us their stories. We will soon …

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Go-Go Hoop Workshop Recap Video! Sign Up for the Next One!

Hey girls. Are you Planning to cosplay Tira at your next Anime event? You’re going to need to learn your way around that hoop first! For those of you who contacted us about our previous post on SPinCo’s Go Go Hooping workshops, now you can watch the official SPinCo recap video from the event! Many …

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