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Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U?!

After a long wait, fans of the gun-toting, Wicked Weaving witch finally get their wish. The sequel to the most over-the-top action game is set to be released for the Wii U,…. and that’s about it. The announcement came yesterday afternoon at Nintendo’s Japanese Nintendo Direct press conference where Satoru Iwata revealed that Platinum Games …

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Defenders Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 4 & 5

Chapter 4 Not very far from the field where Brandon is laying a car drives up to a pleasant looking suburban home. It pulls into the driveway and the engine quietly shuts off. The driver side door opens and a black umbrella unfurls to cover the woman as she exits the car. She quickly trots …

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Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch dances with the Devil Ch.1

Bullets rain down on a group of demons who have been terrorizing humans for sport. Their bodies burst into ash, signaling their demise. A small band of demons throw themselves at a beautiful blonde haired woman. The blonde woman, wearing tight black clothing, casually dispatches her attackers with a few rounds of gunfire. She slides …

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Lara vs Drake-Who’s the better adventurer?

Funny how I’m writing a fan fic pitting two big name characters against each other that I get to see this. It seems Nathan has stumbled upon something but Lara wanted it first and is not taking getting beaten to the punch very well. I really like how this was done. The choreography is amazing …

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Deadman Wonderland coming to DVD!!

After its run on the revived Toonami block, Deadman Wonderland is set for a DVD release of the complete series just in time for Halloween. I mistakingly passed up the series when it was on Toonami. Now I’m regretting it. This series is right up my alley in terms of horror and action! I will …

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On the set of Thor 2!!

From the pictures, it seems that the second Thor film might be taking place back in the good ol’ days before all the stuff with the first movie and Avengers. The set almost has a Game of Thrones feel to it. Courtesy of Machinima.  1,351 total views

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Defenders Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 2 & 3

Chapter 2 Three hours later it was time for lunch. Brandon decides to go to the library and read up on tonight’s homework about the Civil War. When he found the book he was looking, he sat down at one of the tables and started reading. While he was reading, a girl from his history …

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Dante vs. Bayonetta Chapter 5

Undaunted, the angels renew their efforts and attack Dante. The woman tries to stop them. She begins firing her guns as she chased them down. A couple angels change course to return their attention to the woman. She flips over them, squeezing out a few rounds as she corkscrews through the air. Her feet touch …

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Actor Michael Clarke Duncan dies at 54!

Michael Clarke Duncan–best known for his role as an inmate with healing powers in the “Green Mile”–died Monday after suffering a heart attack. He has been in a Los Angeles hospital since July 13 undergoing treatment. Duncan, at 6 feet 3 inches tall and 300 pounds, was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden …

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Devil May Cry Anthology Pt. 2

Developer(s): Capcom Publisher(s): Capcom Genre(s): Action, Hack and Slash Platform(s): Playstation 2 Release: January 25, 2003 Rating: Mature Devil May Cry became an instant hit when it was released in October 2001, selling over two million copies in its first year. It had taken the survival horror genre of gaming to a new level with …

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