Arrow S3 Finale Recap!!



While Ra’s and Oliver head toward Starling City to release the virus, Felicity and the others wake in the dungeon. Malcolm informs them that he and Oliver created a new vaccine, based on Oliver’s blood, which Malcolm used on the team without their awareness. Returning a favor, Barry speeds through the castle disabling the guards and freeing the team. Meanwhile, Oliver reveals his deception and he and Nyssa take out the League’s remaining assassins. Ra’s escapes with a canister of the virus, vowing to destroy Starling. Oliver learns that Ra’s is going to disperse the virus across four points of the city. Felicity locates the four bioweapons, and Oliver organizes the team, along with Captain Lance and the police, to those locations. Oliver is pulled to another location to battle Ra’s, as the team successfully stop the virus. Oliver stops and kills Ra’s before being shot by a police sniper. Felicity, in Ray’s ATOM suit, flies in and rescues Oliver. Afterward, Oliver decides to stop being a hero to the city, instead opting to have a life with Felicity knowing that there are other heroes that can take his place. As payment for his help, Oliver cedes the title of Ra’s al Ghul to Malcolm and leaves the league. In flashbacks, Oliver tortures Shrieve for hours in vengeance before Maseo executes him. Maseo leaves Tatsu in grief and Oliver decides to live a life alone to prevent his family from seeing the darkness that has taken over his life.

My Name is Oliver Queen

What an amazing season! What a hell of a finale! The third season of Arrow has done nothing but continue to impress and get better with each episode. With their introduction last season, it was inevitable that the Arrow Team would face the deadliest adversaries on the globe—the League of Assassins and their immortal leader Ra’s Al Ghul which was the focus for this season. Matt Nable truly does the character justice in Arrow. He brings out the cold, ruthlessness hidden behind the silk voice that Ra’s is known for. But this season also challenges the relationships of all the characters, especially Oliver and his friends and family. As he digs deeper into the league in order to learn of Ra’s al Ghul’s plan, Oliver slowly shuts out his biggest supporters and nearly destroys their trust in him. The drama was played a bit more this time around and used to illustrate the human side of the heroes. This also adds character and makes them more believable. The finale sets up possibilities for when Arrow returns next season as well as set the stage for another spin off. Oliver made a deal with Malcolm Merlyn to remove Ra’s al Ghul permanently and place Malcolm in the Head of the Demon’s head instead of Oliver in exchange for the betrayal of his friends. Another high point is taken straight from Marvel’s Iron Man 3. Felicity save Oliver after he is shot by police wearing Ray Palmer’s ATOM suit, much in the way Tony Stark commanded his Iron Man suit to protect Pepper Mills when their home is attacked by the Mandarin’s forces. It was about damn time Felicity took action! Never count out the pretty computer chick. And how about Thea taking up the mantel of Speedy finally. What started out as a nickname between her and Oliver has finally manifested into what fans were expecting. From season two onward, we got time with the Roy Harper version of Speedy/Red Arrow. Now we get to see what the Mia Dearden version can do since Thea’s full name is Thea Dearden Queen.

Playboy scientist Ray Palmer has been working hard on his ATOM suit trying to get it to grant him the ability to shrink down as DC fans are familiar with. He is seen working on this aspect in the final minutes of the Arrow finale. And then a very cliché thing happens, there’s an explosion in his lab. Typical. So now we got to wait to see if he survived which we know full well he does. Clue: Nanotech. That is all.

As revealed already, Oliver never was under the influence of Ra’s al Ghul hence his appearance in the Flash episode “Rogue Air” to confront Eobard Thawne with Flash and Firestorm. It was likely that he contacted Barry in some way during his first trip back to Starling City after he accepted Ra’s al Ghul’s request to be his heir. So that gets cleared up. He may be starting a new life with Felicity, however, this is not the end of Oliver Queen as Arrow, especially now with Malcolm Merlyn as the new Ra’s al Ghul.

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