Arc System Works showcases character trailers for Kill La Kill IF, games launches July 26!!

On Monday, Arc System Works began streaming character trailers for Ryoku Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin for Kill La Kill IF, the upcoming fighting game based on the anime created by Trigger. The game will launch for PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch on July 25 in Japan, and in the West on July 26.

Kill La Kill IF is a collaboration between anime studio Trigger who created the anime series and Arc System Works, best known for their BlazBlue fighting game series. APLUS is developing the game for one to two players. Original anime scriptwriter Kazuki Nakashima returns to pen an original script for the game, which feels like “another episode” to the anime. The game will feature Satsuki Kiryuin as the main protagonist. A separate arc starring Ryoku Matoi will also be present. The “IF” of the title refers to the game’s deviation from the anime storyline and will include new content.