Another iconic princess swims into Storybrooke!!

Through the course of the first and second seasons, we were introduced to familiar princesses from various fairy tales. Snow White is and always will be the centerpiece of the show. Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty was introduced along with Mulan. Cinderella was given a brief appearance in Season 1 but Belle, also introduced in the same season, stood out the most and will likely be handed the torch in Snow White/Mary Margaret’s absence. However, “Once” isn’t done with its princess pageant. Check out who’s coming ashore in Season 3.

Now, since the third season is taking place in Neverland, it’s only natural that Captain Hook, who was introduced mid-season last year, take the lead role. He sails to Neverland with a handful of people who all wanted him dead. How will this alliance pan out? Find out when Once Upon a Time returns September 29.

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