Annoying Orange bogards his way into “Cheesy Cartoons!!”

Do you like cartoons no matter how bad they are? Is it hard for you to pull yourself away despite the animated atrocity before your eyes? Did you come back for more? Well then, let’s talk about it! This is “Cheesy Cartoons” and I, Devildriver1313, am here to pull into another trip through animated history. From the California Raisins to Veggie Tales to “The Amazing World of Gumball’s” Banana Joe, animated food has been entertaining to watch. They can sing. They can dance. They can joke about underpants. But there are some cases where sentient food can be rotten. And not in a good way. You could say they can sometimes be annoying. J1 fans, let’s take a look back at the “Annoying Orange.”

Created by formers film student and MTV production assistant Dane Boedigheimer in 2009, the Annoying Orange centered the title character Orange (voiced by Boedigheimer) who annoys the other fruit, vegetables and other food products with his antics. The other foods include his best friend, Pear, an irritable Bartlett pear, Passion, a sensible passion fruit and Orange’s love interest, arrogant grapefruit, a tiny miserable and frustrated but hot-blooded apple known as Midget Apple (though he prefers the name Little Apple), a happy-go-lucky and slightly eccentric marshmallow of ambiguous nature, and an elderly lemon named Grandpa Lemon, all of whom were not main characters until later episodes.

CHEESE FACTOR!! Just as the show implies, Orange is super obnoxious. Most episodes are spent with him heckling the other foods until they meet an unfortunate end. Orange’s jokes were relatively unfunny and crude to a fault. In fact, the humor was so lame that it was almost cringe worthy, becoming unbearable to listen to at times. Orange himself has a laugh that is nearly as annoying as Spongebob’s machine gun cackle. He has several mannerisms such saying one the other foods’ name in junction with “Hey” repeatedly until the addressee answers. This gag got old real fast. Funny at first, this lost steam after a few times and became redundant, like many of Orange’s bad puns and “uncle” jokes.

WHY WE WATCHED!! Ironically, the same absurdity that makes Orange insufferable also makes him somewhat enjoyable. His jokes are cheesy (super cheesy) but they’re not all that bad. It was just the repetitiveness that made them frustrating to hear.

Annoying Orange began as a YouTube web series in 2009. Dane Boedigheimer meant for it to be a one-shot show until he started to received requests from fans who wanted more. By the fourth video, he decided to do a full-fledged series. The series grew in popularity and eventually was picked up by Cartoon Network in 2011 after running for one season on Hulu in 2010. Dane Boedigheimer suffered a lawsuit from Fargo advertising agency H2M, who, in 2006, created its own “Talking Orange”, which is the spokesman for an ad campaign for the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Both characters are anthropomorphic oranges and are only slightly similar. Boedigheimer claimed to have never seen the “Talking Orange” ads. He and writer Spencer Grove were sued by H2M in 2013 for copyright infringement. Whether the case has been settled or remains open is not known. The show received negative reviews from critics, citing tis humor as “third grade” and calling it “pure, pure unfunny, highly concentrated, in droplet form, just purely nonsensical riffing from an Annoying Orange.” Despite the negativity, Annoying Orange continued to grow in popularity. Orange and his friends appeared on lunch boxes, T-shirts, hats, mattresses, video games, and a range of toys. The Annoying Orange channel on YouTube currently has over 6 million subscribers. The series is still running after nine seasons with new episodes posted each week, averaging between 300,000 to 500,000 views. Looks like Annoying Orange shows that stupidity can actually be entertaining. The show is still annoying as hell, though.

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