Absolutely Nothing We Trust!! Revolution S1 Ep18 Recap!!


Nora is in a cell held captive by Monroe. She is given a white dress and attends dinner with him. She suspects something. Monroe asks her about Miles. Over the course of several days, she beaten and tortured and drugged until she finally tells the militia about Miles, Neville, and Rachel. Monroe confronts Flynn about the Tower. He is upset that it has been kept secret. Threatened with his life, Flynn tells Monroe about the other experiments carried out at the Tower and promises him real power. Flynn and Monroe take a helicopter to Colorado. Sanborn goes to Nora’s cell and administers the serum that has loosened her tongue. It is meant to kill her.

Rachel and Aaron continue their journey to the Tower. Hudson questions Miles about Rachel and the Tower. Jason suggests that he and Charlie should leave Atlanta and head for Texas. Sanborn arrives in Atlanta with Nora. Miles visits her in the hospital. Nora tells Miles that she told Monroe everything. Miles interrogates Sanborn. He tells Miles about Monroe’s flight to the Tower. In a mission to save Rachel, Miles takes a small group in a helicopter to reach Rachel before Monroe with help from the amplifier Sanborn brought with him. Monroe is already in Colorado at the Tower. Flynn attempts to access the Tower to no avail. Monroe grows increasingly impatient. Inside, a group of people watch the monitor closely.

The helicopter carrying Miles and company is on its way to Colorado when they must make an emergency landing at an abandoned airbase in the Plains Nation. The company searches for fuel. Charlie opens a storage bin and finds the pilot dead. Further investigation leads them find the helicopter sabotaged. Miles searches for the culprit with Charlie. They find one of their own severely injured. While Charlie goes for help, Miles asks the Georgian soldier about his attacker. He dies before Miles gets the full answer. Meanwhile, Rachel and Aaron arrive at the Tower where Monroe has set up camp. Rachel intends to kill Monroe allowing Aaron to access the Tower. Aaron disagrees with her actions. Rachel emphasizes her intentions again.

Charlie arrives with the others where Miles tells them that the only possible suspect is one of them. Miles has everyone stow their weapons while he searches for Nora. He finds her passed out on the ground. She barely remembers what happened. Everyone suspects Nora but Miles defends her. Sanborn tells Miles that the serum he gave which he calls “cocktail” could have paranoia effects. Nora tells Miles about she killed a guard but cannot recall her actions. Tom attacks Nora’s credibility but Miles stands by her. He searches through everyone’s belongings. Watching Jason dig in his pocket, Miles pulls out a blood stained knife. He questions him about it. Jason immediately pleads his innocence but Miles’ suspicions are high. Charlie asks him about the man she saw him with in Atlanta. Jason tells them he was a Monroe militia soldier who asked him to kill Miles only to refuse the request. Miles isn’t so quick to believe him. Tom and Charlie try to stop Miles as he chases Jason with gun in hand. While searching for Jason, Sanborn find Miles and shows him the knife found on Jason. The knife was made in Annapolis, Maryland. Jim Hudson shoots Sanborn, killing him. He reveals to Miles that Monroe has his wife captive and that he must kill Miles, Tom and a couple others to get her back. Miles looks at him in disbelief. The former friends fight with Hudson quickly gaining the upper hand. Miles is saved by Jason who shoots him in the back. Nora repairs the helicopter and the group continues their flight to Colorado.

Rachel disguises herself as a militia soldier and walks on to the camp. She soon finds Monroe’s tent. Monroe looks at her just as she pulls the pin from the grenade she’s holding.

I don’t know who is becoming more skittish: Monroe or Miles. Monroe has already shown that he doesn’t trust anyone especially last time when he executed a faithful soldier under nothing more than suspicion. Last night was no different. From Nora, he learns about Rachel’s trip to the Tower. Monroe is no less furious that Flynn has kept the facility a secret and even more so when Flynn lies about its purpose. Monroe threatens his life but Flynn once again wins his favor. This feeling of distrust coincides with a situation Miles is in. While at an abandoned airbase thanks to an amplifier brought into Atlanta by Sanborn along with Nora, he searches for fuel with a small group consisting of Neville, Charlie, Jim Hudson, Nora and Sanborn as well as the pilot and another Georgian soldier. When the pilot and soldier are killed and the helicopter is sabotaged, Miles suspects a traitor in their midst. Finger pointing begins between them. First, Sanborn is to blame. Then it is Neville. Then it is Jason. Miles defends Nora when she comes under fire from Tom Neville. But his belief is shaken when Nora reveals that she has no recollection of killing a guard when she was a prisoner of Monroe. He has everyone disarm including Charlie. I found it odd that he would suspect his own blood to scrub their mission. Tom and Jason Neville are understandable given how they hunted the Matheson family in the first half of the season. I can see Miles not trusting Sanborn since he aided in Nora’s interrogation and betrayed him and Rachel awhile back. The way he defended Nora makes me wonder if he would’ve defended Charlie in the same manner. Miles was adamant about Nora’s innocence even though there was circumstantial evidence that suggests the possibility of her involvement in the disruption of the mission. Luckily, his instincts were right.

Tom Neville hasn’t been the best father to Jason lately. But last night his fatherly instincts kick in again when Miles blames Jason for being the saboteur and chases after him with gun in hand when Jason runs. Tom tries to stop Miles to save his son. From what he has done while he served on the Monroe militia, this is an unusual act for his known character but his reaction is not uncommon for a father protecting his son when he is threatened. I see Tom Neville starting to come around a bit but he’ll still be a prick about it.

Jason, however, is not yet ready to forgive his father. He may’ve suck around when he was injured following the attack on the Rebel base but Jason probably would’ve returned the favor if the roles were reversed. This episode, Jason saves Miles from Jim Hudson after Miles accused him of killing the pilot and Georgian soldier. Now the question is begged: would he save his father who also accused him of murder had he been in Miles’ situation? Jason left him to fend for himself against Monroe’s men so…

But what probably killed Jason more was how Charlie didn’t defend him. I thought they were gonna hit it off great but when Miles accused Jason, she turned quick. Charlie asked him about the guy he talked to who turned out to be Monroe militia. No doubt she suspected him of being back with the militia upon hearing this. Granted that he has lied to her before so why should now be any different. After all is said and done, it looks like their relationship is on the rocks as Jason takes a seat on the helicopter next to his father and Charlie hangs out in the back. Maybe these two crazy kids will get it together next week.

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