A Pirate’s Tale!! Once Upon a Time S3 Ep.5 Recap!!



One of the Lost Boys challenges Henry to a fight. Pan tells him to use his imagination to turn the stick he’s using into a real sword. The search for clues left by Baelfire to leave Neverland continues in the cave. Emma feels that Pan is trying to make Henry loose hope. Snow comes up with an idea to send Henry a message to let Henry know that they are there. Before he was a pirate, Killian Jones was a part of the king’s navy. David notices Hook trying to put the moves on Emma and issues a warning to the pirate. Hook reminds him about his impending demise. David collapses. When he is revived by Hook, he spots a badge on the ground with the name “Jones” inscribed on it. Hook tells David the badge belonged to his brother. He mentions that his brother’s satchel had a map that could show them the way out of Neverland. He and David set off the Dead Man’s Peak in search of the satchel leaving Emma, Snow and Regina to carry out their plan to send Henry a message. They manage to capture a Lost Boy with a cut on his face. He tells them Henry marked. Meanwhile, Hook and David begin their climb up Dead Man’s peak. In the past, the Jones brothers arrive in Neverland in search of dreamshade. There they met Peter Pan. Back in present day, Pan requests that Hook return to his side. He tells him to kill David so he can be with Emma. At first Hook refuses until Pan reminds him about the last time he refused him. On the hunt for dreamshade in the past, Killian is worried that Pan is right about the plant but his brother refuses to listen. They soon find the plant and Killian’s brother tests it on himself only to prove that Pan is right about the dreamshade being poisonous. The Lost Boy continues to taunt Emma until Regina suggests that she takes the boy’s heart to control him. Mary Margaret strongly objects but Emma holds her back, allowing Regina to proceed.

Up on Dead Man’s peak, Hook tells David that he dropped the badge and lied about the satchel in order to get David to the peak in order to save his life. However, David doesn’t believe him and lashes out, forcing Hook to knock him unconscious. With the Lost Boy’s help, Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina make contact with Henry who thinks it is a trick at first. They manage to convince him otherwise. Henry is then forced to quickly throw the magic mirror to the ground when Pan returns to camp. Pan helps Killian revive his brother with water from a mystic spring. However, its effects wear off the moment they return to their world. Hook uses the water to heal David with the warning that he can never leave Neverland. The duo returns to camp where David tells everyone that he and Hook were ambushed by Lost Boys with Hook saving the day. He keeps the truth hidden from them. Following his brother’s death, Killian defects from the service of the king, proclaiming they are now pirates. Later, Peter Pan meets up with Hook to tell him that Baelfire is alive and in Neverland. Elsewhere, Pan catches up with his Boys and orders them to hang Neal’s cage next to another prisoner who has been captured by Peter Pan and his Lost Boys.

COLIN O'DONOGHUE, BERNARD CURRYHe is known well by many as Captain Hook, the villainous pirate captain of the Jolly Roger. But in this episode, we get a look in to the past of Hook and his rise to piracy. Killian Jones served as a noble man in the king’s navy alongside his brother who was captain. He believed that a ship should be run with good form. Killian and his brother sail to Neverland in search of a plant called dreamshade as per their king’s orders. There they meet Peter Pan who tells them that the plant they seek is poisonous. Killian’s brother doesn’t believe the boy but Killian however, senses something is amiss. They make the trek up Dead Man’s peak where they find the plant. Killian is now greatly concerned that Pan may be right and begs his brother to heed his warning. But Killian’s brother’s devotion to his king is boundless and he tests the plant on himself to prove a point. At first, nothing happens but soon his brother falls under the plant’s spell. Pan shows up and offers to help Killian. Killian uses the water from a spring to heal his brother but he effects wear off the moment they return to their world. Hook’s story coincides with his willingness to help David cure himself of the dreamshade’s poison. David’s devotion to his family reminds him of his brother’s loyalty to the king. David is willing to keep his impending doom a secret from his family to ensure that the mission to save Henry is successful. Given his past, David does not trust the pirate and is quick to disbelieve that Hook is an upstanding guy capable of any form of nobility. That was until he hears Hook’s story about his brother that David soon realizes that there is more to the notorious pirate than meets the eye.

However, Hook’s life of piracy has led him to doing things that only benefit him and that life catches up with him. Peter Pan offers Hook a chance to serve him again if he betrays David and kills him. For a moment, Hook’s nobility kicks in and he refuses Pan until the boy offers him a chance to be with Emma. Hook contemplates the idea for a moment until David falls under the effects of the dreamshade much in the same way his brother did years ago. He knows how Emma and Mary Margaret will feel if they lose a loved one. He too knows this feeling as well and still feels it to this day. Hook finds the spring to cure David. David sees Hook in a different light knowing that he had to deceive him in order to give him the cure for the dreamshade which David refused in order to save Henry. David keeps up the pretense of what really happened to set his wife and daughter’s minds at ease. Emma is apparently grateful for what Hook had done, or in a moment of weakness, and plants one on him. What a shocker! Hook has been trying to swoon Emma ever since he laid eyes on her and now seizes the opportunity, but his feelings for her may not be acted upon further as Pan sees him and tells him that Neil is alive and in Neverland. Now, with this revelation, Hook is forced to choose between what he wants and what is right.

Once Upon S3_Ep5_hook-emma-kissThis decision carries over to Emma. Her sole desire is to save Henry from Peter Pan and his band of Lost Boys. When they capture one of them, Emma has to make the choice of allowing Regina to take the boy’s heart in order to control him or take her mother’s advice and try to reason with him. Ultimately, her desire to rescue her son wins out offer sense of reason. Emma restrains her mother Mary Margaret while Regina removes the Lost Boy’s heart. She might’ve finally realized that they cannot be cautious in dealing with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. They have to do whatever it takes if they want to see Henry again, even if it means stooping to underhanded tactics. But they may be too late. Under Regina’s control, the Lost Boy they captured gives Henry a magic mirror that allows them to communicate with each other. Sadly, Henry thinks the mirror is a trick conducted by the Lost Boy who gave it to him since he scarred him earlier. When Pan returns, he tosses the mirror to the ground inadvertently, or intentionally, shattering it. Whether the mirror is broken by accident or not, Emma and the gang have very little time before they lose Henry for good. Henry has already drawn blood. His path to the dark side of the force has begun.

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