A Mother’s Love!! Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep.17 Recap!!



Crane and Abbie investigate strange occurrences downtown that may center on a Colonial bell. In the past, Crane was charges with destroying the bell which can awaken the evil in people’s hearts. Henry tries to convince Katrina to join him. Abbie and Crane collect materials to create explosive to destroy the bell. Using the tunnels under the town, they manage to remove the bell from downtown and place it in the tunnel with help from Jenny. They are attacked by Frank Irving who is fully under Henry’s influence. While Jenny deals with Irving, Crane and Abbie are encountered by Henry and Katrina who reveals to Ichabod her dreadful decision. Henry seals Abbie and Katrina in the tunnel and leaves with Katrina and the Witch’s Bell. Abbie and Crane determine that the Witch’s Bell was taken to Sleepy Hollow Town Hall. They go to confront Henry until Katrina intervenes and destroys the van with Abbie inside. However, Henry investigates the van to see that Abbie is not inside. Realizing that the bell is the target, he rushes to the bell tower and stops Abbie. Afterward, Henry and Katrina tie Ichabod and Abbie to a stake while they begin the ritual. Abbie and Ichabod manage to escape and make one more attempt to destroy the bell. Henry is killed in the process which infuriates Katrina. She attacks both Abbie and Ichabod, and then she invokes a spell.


I had my suspicions of Katrina Crane ever since she decided to stay with Abraham acting as a spy. During her stay, she started to get close to him again and even tried to find a way to restore him to human form despite her husband Ichabod’s protests. She would betray his trust again when she stood against Abbie when it came to dealing with Henry. Abbie wanted to kill him and end the forthcoming war while Katrina wanted to save him, putting Ichabod in the middle. She would deceive him further by revealing that she killed a good friend of his and forged a letter to him. Katrina fought with Ichabod about how to handle Henry at every turn. Ichabod had narrowly given up hope that there was any good left in him. Katrina still believed her son could be saved. Makes sense, a mother will do anything for her child after all. Even if it means reestablishing the coven they have lost. With careful wording, Henry plays on his mother’s sentimentality for him and get her to side with him. They use a bell capable of awakening to dormant powers of the descendants of witches living in Sleepy Hollow. Because of this union, Ichabod is forced to make the most difficult choice of his life—the lives of his family or the lives of the people of Sleepy Hollow. He chooses the latter as Henry is killed during their fight in the bell tower in the old Town Hall. In that moment, Katrina turns on her beloved husband. This is why I love wild card players! They never fail to surprise anyone. I thought Henry would be the wild card player but didn’t expect Katrina to turn on the life of her life. At least not “fully” did not expect. Katrina had put on a convincing act, throwing everyone off about her having an ulterior motive.

Henry Parrish was very cunning. He kept the Witnesses on their toes at every turn and always remained one step ahead of them. He was so good at being so bad. But all of Henry’s guile eventually proves incapable of saving him in the end. He is killed by Abbie Mills after he prevents Ichabod from shooting the bomb attached to the Witch’s Bell. With his dying breath, he looks upon his parents and smiles, seemingly dying happily. Hmm, perhaps there was some good in him after all. Henry’s death is followed with the releasing of Frank Irving from his control. However, Frank dies since he cannot exist without Henry. I’m actually going to miss Henry Parrish. He was good bad guy.

One episode remains. Katrina has cast the Traveler’s Spell, returning her to the year 1781. While there, she intends to make things right…in her own eyes. But she might have some opposition. Abbie Mills has tagged along with Katrina. Now it will be Abbie who is the fish out of water in the Colonial Era. Their actions in the past can alter the course of history. What will happen when future clashes with the past?

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