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NEW Detective Pikachu trailer will have you shedding a tear!

In celebration of Earth Day, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures release the latest trailer for Detective Pikachu that shows the beauty of the Pokémon world and the wonderful creatures that live in it. Charmanders frolicking in the forest. Squirtles at play in a pond. And the cutest Bulbasuar ever that will steal your heart. Let’s …

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Mewtwo strikes in new Detective Pikachu trailer!!

The powerful Pokemon unleashes his psychic powers in the new trailer for the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie, the live action/CGI hybrid based on the game of the same name. Not only do we get to see Mewtwo, we also get to a look at other Pokemon in action including Pikachu! Detective Pikachu stars Justice Smith …

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God of War art director cranks out more Smash Bros Ultimate fan art!!

God of War art director Raf Grassetti has been spending the past few days knocking out amazing artwork of characters from Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Raf is a fan of the series and has previously done rendered artwork of Samus Aran, Link, Fox McCloud, Bowser, Sonic the Hedgehog (who looks better than the live action …

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Witness the “Power of Us” in an all-new Pokemon movie!!

Find your story. Find your destiny. An new Pokémon adventure takes to the skies! Ash and Pikachu are off on another whirlwind adventure in upcoming “Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us”. This time they travel to Fura City where people live together with the wind. On the final day of the annual wind festival, …

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Detective Pikachu to be distributed by Warner Bros, Universal contract ends with Legendary Entertainment!!

Well, it seems that Detective Pikachu will have a new “Pokeball” to live. Warner Bros will be handling distribution of the live action Pokémon film beginning new year. Legendary Entertainment will still be producing the film, however their contract with Universal Pictures will end on December 31. Legendary will move over to Warner Bros once …

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Pokémon the movie: I Choose You English dub preview!! US dates included!!

The new Pokémon anime film, Pokémon the Movie: I choose you, reveals a new English dub trailer with all the nostalgic feels that fans fell in love with two decades ago. What’s more is that the movie will be shown in select theatres in the US. Those who wish to catch the movie can purchase …

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Super Smash Bros. Character Statues Made from Cans!

Posted to imgur today was this series of photos. Someone decided to take colorful cans from sodas and beers and mold them into statues of four iconic nintendo characters. Check out the original post here.

X & Y Legendaries in New Super Smash Bros?

This brand new update from the Super Smash Bros website reveals a picture of Pikachu standing back to back with Xerneas, the legendary Pokémon of Pokémon X version. This leads to many questions. Will Xerneas and Yveltal have their own stage like Dialga and Palkia did in SSBB? Or will you be able to unleash …

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Disney Characters as Pokemon Trainers!

Deviantart user Krista Nicholson, also known as Kuitsuku, has been putting up some beautiful work of disney characters imagined as Pokemon trainers! Here are a few of her pieces, and the rest can be seen in her Disney Art Gallery.  follow Kuitsuku on twitter

Pokemon Generations – Awesome Fan-Made 3D Pokemon Game

So ever since Pokemon came out (both the series and the game), fans have wondered what it would be like to play a Pokemon game where you actually control the Pokemon in  battle. Pokemon Stadium was close to realizing that dream, however this fan-made game developed by Xatoku Productions is exactly what the fans asked for. …

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