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Blake Belladonna casts a shadow over Mikasa Ackerman in Rooster Teeth’s DEATH BATTLE!!

These two high flying monster slayers finally meet in Rooster Teeth’s DEATH BATTLE! Who’s side you got? Is it Blake Belladonna, former member of White Fang and currently in Team RWBY, or is it Mikasa Ackerman, Survey Corps member with a mysterious past and Eren Yeager’s sole protector?

Attack on Titan roars back with 1st trailer for the final season!!

MAPPA takes over production. Yuichiro Hayashi replaces Masashi Koizuka and Tetsuro Araki as director. Man, it seems like we have been waiting 2000 years for any info about the final season of Attack on Titan. But the wait is over! The first trailer for the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan was released …

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Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Battle Angel Alita and more manga to read now available on Switch!!

How’s it hanging, J1 Fans! I am DevilDriver1313 and I have a little something for you gamers and manga readers out there. Inky Pen has teamed up with Kodansha USA to bring the hottest manga titles to the Nintendo Switch for your reading pleasure. Inky Pen has been bringing comic books to the Switch since …

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“It” director looking to do live action Attack on Titan movie!!

Well, here we go again. Andy Muschietti, director of “It”, revealed last year his interest in adapting Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan series. As of late, there has been no new information regarding the project; however, Muschietti did touch base on that and his plans for a live adaption of Macross/Robotech. Muschietti plans to work …

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Universal Studios Japan unveils first pics of Attack on Titan attraction!!

Get ready Titan’s fans! Universal Studios Japan has posted the first pics of the upcoming attraction based on Attack on Titan which will be a apart of their “Cool Japan” initiative. The attraction will appear alongside attractions based on Sailor Moon and Shin-Godzilla vs Evangelion. The Attack on Titan attraction will be a 3D live …

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Attack on Titan VA leaves agency after 23 years!!

Yui Ishikawa, known for her role as Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan, has decided to leave her agency after 23 years. The 29 year old actress made the announcement on her blog account on April 30 that she has left the Sunaoka Office which is affiliated with Himawari Theater Group. She joined the Himawari …

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KOEI Tecmo Game announces Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle game!!

KOEI Tecmo has revealed the Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle video game. The game will serve as an expansion of the Attack on Titan 2 video game that was released March 2018. Final Battle will feature characters and missions from the third season anime and introduce new weapons such as the Thunder Spear. Original …

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NEW visual revealed for Attack on Titan Season Three Part 2!!

A brand new season of Attack on Titan is upon us in less than a month! The official website for the anime has released a new visual for the upcoming second half of season three of Attack on Titan, the TV anime adaption of Hajime Isayama’s dark fantasy adventure manga about humanity’s fight against annihilation …

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Full Metal Alchemsit, Attack on Titan voice actress Maeghan Albach passes away.

Anime fans, we have sad news from our beloved otaku world. Maeghan Albach, voice actress who has had several roles anime series, passed away on February 22 at age 44. Albach was a Texas resident who worked at Funimation for 13 years. She is an alum of Texas Wesleyan and TCU. She has lent her …

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Crunchyroll removes first seasons of Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia!!

Well this is disturbingly unexpected. Crunchyroll will no longer stream the first seasons of Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia due to copyright issues stemming from the partnership breakup with Funimation. According to Anime News Network, Crunchyroll decided to remove the first seasons of the shows and is “currently working on the rights and …

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