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Cosplay Spotlight: Kadoshika

ENTER: Kadoshika 1. What is your cosplay name? Kadoshika 2. Where are you from? I’m originally from Bridgeton, NJ. 3. How long have you been cosplaying? I have been cosplaying for 12 years. 4. What is about cosplay that you like? There are many things that I like about cosplay. For me, personally, I simply love …

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Erock disturbs the force with TWO Star Wars meets Metal videos!!

The force is definitely strong in this one!! Eric Calderone brings balance to the metal force with two Star Wars vids!! First, he gives the Imperial March theme a dark metal upgrade making it sound even more foreboding!! And then he gives the fated duel between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul an amazing …

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200 pages of J1 Studios FAN ART from over 30 COUNTRIES for FREE to download!

After the success of the J1 Studios Tribute Book Volume 1 from 2011, we decided to try again. So the 1st volume was 50 pages with various art from around the globe, to (with Volume 2) being a 2012 fan art book that’s over 200 pages long with art from over 30 countries of their …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Lady K

Lady K, this is your week in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!! 1. Why do you cosplay? I cosplay because I love dressing up as my favorite characters and being around people who like the same things as me. Sometimes it is hard for people to connect who like the same things as you or understand what you do. …

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One Punch Man meets Metal!!

IT’S A HIT!! Eric Calderone aka Erock knocks out the theme for One Punch Man!! Although, this is more of a cover rather than a “Meets Metal” piece but still it is pretty dang sweet!! And pay attention to the solo!! It is awesome!!

Cosplay Spotlight: Tasha Cosplay

Tasha Cosplay, this is your week in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!! 1. Why do you cosplay? I cosplay because I love to make costumes and dress as characters I admire. I also do it because it’s fun and i meet new people. 2. What was your first cosplay? My first cosplay was Xena Warrior Princess. 3. Do you …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Glitch Cosplay

Glitch Cosplay, this is your week in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!! 1. Why do you cosplay? I cosplay because it’s fun, simple as that. I enjoy making costumes and pretending to be someone else while I’m in costume. Once you get fully into character you can have a lot of fun being in a world of make believe. …

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GameChops releases ‘Chozo Legacy’, a Super Metroid album.

A HOUSE MUSIC TRIBUTE TO SUPER METROID Chozo Legacy is a progressive house journey through the sounds made famous by Nintendo’s hit game Super Metroid. Considered by some to be the greatest video game ever made, Super Metroid set a new standard for exploration and adventure games in its time. Chozo Legacy’s producer, bLiNd, has …

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Fifth Element meets Metal!!

Grab your ‘mootipass’!! It’s time for another amazing performance from Eric Calderone aka Erock!! Listen as he shreds it up with the Diva Dance!!

Live action DBZ fan film “The Fall of Men” is amazing!

I really hope that now with all these Hollywood quality Dragon Ball Z fan films the actual major studios will learn how to do a proper DBZ film. This is a Fan-Fiction produced by YOHAN FAURE & VIANNEY GRIFFON Based upon DRAGON BALL Z created by AKIRA TORIYAMA The World isn’t like it’s supposed to …

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