And the next Batman is…wait, what?!

Yep ladies and gentleman, we have our next Batman. Warner Bros. has made a decision. It’s (drum roll please) …Ben Affleck. (Even the crickets are quiet) Yep, Benny-boy is the next man to don the cape and cowl. He’s already taken a shot at Daredevil so why not Bats? …(Again, silent crickets)… But seriously, Ben is a great actor and has had some pretty good roles. Warner Bros. was looking for an older Batman and they found one. Affleck and Warner Bros. have enjoyed quite the relationship over the last few years. The 41-year-old actor starred in and directed both “The Town” and “Argo” for the studio; that latter film, of course, won Best Picture at the Oscars in February, this despite Affleck being snubbed in the Best Director category. In an ironic twist, Affleck portrayed George Reeves, the first actor to play the Man of Steel, in the 2006 movie “Hollywoodland.” So this may not be a far stretch.

On a side note, I’m not gonna judge (too late!) just yet. I ahd the same feelings when I learned about Nicholas Cage playing in “Ghost Rider”. I was wary about it until I saw the film which turned out pretty good. Sadly, the second one did not. They only thing I’m afraid of is another takedown of the Dark Knight that was “Batman and Robin” with George Clooney in the role. It’s a shame Christian Bale bowed out. I liked him in the role despite his gravely voiced Batman. Hopefully, Ben can pull it off. Guess we’ll find out in a couple years.

Ben Affleck is Batman! What do you think about that?

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