Original creator to begin work on a new Akira anime series adaption!!

Katsuhiro Otomo, creator of the Akira manga and anime movie, has revealed that he will begin work on a new anime series adaption of his beloved cyberpunk series. In addition to the new series, there will also be a new anime movie placed in the works. Sunrise INC. made the announcement at a panel at the Los Angeles Anime Expo.

Otomo will also be working on a new project, a sci-fi action adventure film titled “Orbital Era.” The film is set in the near future and tells the story of a group on young boys who live on a space colony while it is being constructed. The plot revolves around their lives and their “connected fate.” Orbital Era is currently in production. Otomo has written the script, designed the characters and is directing the movie. Animation is being handled by Sunrise INC.

Sources: IGN