Fury Rages On-Kratos vs. Asura!! CHOOSE A WINNER!!

Have you been following the story so far? Good. Now you get to decide who wins it all in this amazing battle! Will it be the destroyer of Olympus, Kratos? Or will it be the incredibly powerful Asura? Choose the winner based on the stats below.

Asura vs. Kratos
Kratos is a Spartan warrior who became the youngest captain of the Spartan army. He is the son of Zeus, King of Olympus. As a demigod, his strength far exceeds that of mortal men. He carries with him the Blades of Exile, indestructible blades gifted to him by Athena to aid him in the destruction of Olympus and to murder Zeus. Kratos has killed his former mentor Ares, the God of War, after finding and opening Pandora’s Box. During his various journeys, he has used a variety of other weapons and magic. The Golden Fleece blocks and repels attacks. The Nemean Cestus are indestructible lion headed gauntlets Kratos uses to crush his enemies. He also has the powerful Blade of Olympus, the mystic weapon crafted by Zeus himself that brought the end to the Great Titan War. In it, the Blade of Olympus contains the godly powers Kratos once had when he sat of the throne as God of War. Kratos has succeeded in not only killing Ares but all the gods of Olympus as well as the Titans Gaia and Cronos. During his time in Hades years prior, Kratos imprisoned Atlas after Persephone, Hades’ wife, freed the Titan. Kratos kills her afterward. Raised as a Spartan and trained by a god, Kratos’ skills as a warrior are unmatched. He can slay man and beast alike. Coupled with the rage burning in his breast, Kratos is capable of killing gods and those who possess godly powers.

Asura was once a part of the Guardian Generals, god like deities who protected the people of Gaia from the Gohma, dark manifestations of pure energy. One day, he was wrongfully charged with the murder of the 128th Emperor of the Guardian Generals and exiled to Naraka. Asura awakens 12,000 years later to find that his formers comrades have abused the power of his daughter Mithra for their own selfish desires. Driven by the wrath burning in him, Asura sets out to destroy all the Seven Deities and save his daughter. Asura has his own two fists and lot of penned up rage–these are his weapons. When he gather enough mantra, he sprouts four additional arms to further pound his enemies with. After witnessing the destruction of a village, Asura loses all control and turns into wrathful beast of destruction and completely decimates the Seven Deities’ armada. He has successfully defeated all the Deities including his former master and his brother-in-law. Asura fought and defeated the Creator at the cost of his own life. During his battles, Asura has lost his arms numerous times and has died and resurrected the same. Nevertheless, Asura’s strength is exceeds the Seven Deities and his power grows with his wrath. His skills as a fighter are not polished but he gets the job done through sheer power and overwhelming rage.

There you have it! The stage is set! Choose who you want to win and comment below! Most votes wins!!

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