J1 An-Ex 6!!! Missed it? Check out what happened here!!!!!

Epic shot!!!

Sunday, June 17th was the date of the J1 Anime Experience 6, the mini-convention hosted by J1 Studios. It was a day where hundreds of anime fans came from all sections of Philadelphia to celebrate their love of anime, video games, and all things Japanese. Held at a new location this year (The Lotus Root Art Gallery Center on South 4th Street), it was an all-new experience for many fans, both returning and new ones.

Cosplayers unite!

For starters, the cosplayers were out in abundance for the first mini-con of this year. From Castlevania, Final Fantasy, to even a barbarian and two Power Rangers, there was a large array of colorful costumes on display

thistime. It made the cosplay contest, which was judged by members of Azumacon this year, an interesting ordeal. However, there could only be one winner and they will be announced on the site soon.

The special guests that graced the An-Ex were simply awesome. Starving The Tsunami, a local band that performed at May-hem Madness II this year, returned and started the An-Ex off on the right foot. But the highlight of the entire day was the stellar performance given by Uncle Yo, a stand-up comedian with a routine geared towards the geek community. Throughout the whole panel, he left the crowd in stitches with jokes on his issues with traveling, subtitled anime, Sailor Moon and more.

Captain America, Luigi, Battle-damaged Iron Man, the White and Red Ranger posing for a shot.

In the video room, fans were given exclusive screenings of two movies: Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison and One Piece: Strong World. The video game room, on the other hand, was filled with crazy matches in many games, from KOF XIII, Darkstalkers 3, and a crazy Skullgirls tournament. The tournament went well and out of all the contenders, Holland “Omega Nitro” Culbreath took first place in an amazing match.


Attendees were also graced with a good amount of vendors selling various wares, from artists to baked goods – there was even a stand that was selling Moogle cupcakes – and even classic comics. Even members of The D20 Girls Project and Atomic City Comics came out and showed us support at this event.


All in all, J1 An-Ex 6 was a great event. From the vibrant cosplayers to the panels, this was an event worth attending. And the best part is that everyone enjoyed theirselves there. And if you need further proof, then check out the video below! We can’t forget that we did a raffle for the new Playstation Vita!! That’s right a PS Vita!!!

Thank you for showing up and stay tuned to J1 Studios for information for the next An-Ex!

And check out the pages of our special guests that attended.
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  1. It was definitely worth going and IMO it gets bigger and bigger every year so I wont be surprised if in the future It may compete with Zenkaikon and AnimeNEXT!!

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