A new Prime rises!! Transformers Prime returns!!

The ultimate Autobot Hunter--Predaking

Their war has raged for millions of years. Their home planet of Cybertron, caught the crossfire, now hangs in the farthest reaches of space a lifeless husk. Seeking refuge, the Autobots charted a course for a planet called Earth, only to learn that there is no escape from the Decepticons and their tyrannical leader Megatron.

Their war has raged for millions of years. Their new home called Earth now hangs in the balance.

The second season finale ended with fantastic fashion. The Autobots seized the opportunity to revive their home world but Megatron had turned the tables and set to conquer Earth. Not wanting to lose another Autobot under his command, Optimus Prime sacrificed himself to save his team and his human friends. It was inevitable that Prime would eventually die and a new Prime will rise. But who amongst the Autobots is worthy? That’s what’s happening in the upcoming season. Shockwave creates the ultimate Decepticon Hunter to seek out and destroy the Autobots. His name is Predaking. Optimus gives his final words in what will be a well played death scene on the same caliber as when Peter Cullen performed Prime’s death in the 1986 movie. I am so excited for this new season!

The series returns for a third season March 22!

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