Zenescope’s sexy new monster hunter returns!!


Zenescope Entertainment is known for featuring strong female leads in their updated variations of classic and well known stories. This time, they put a new twist on another classic character bringing them into their twisted world. We are all familiar with the famed vampire hunter Van Helsing from Bram Stoker’s novel. He has been portrayed in a variety of films including the 1931 and 1992 adaptions and by Hugh Jackman in “Van Helsing”. The role now goes to his daughter Liesel Van Helsing in Zenescope’s new series. Van Helsing vs. Dracula is the follow up to the female hunter’s debut series as she tracks down her father’s immortal enemy Count Dracula. The first issue wastes no time jumping into the action with Johnathan Harker’s fiancée Mina attacking Johnathan’s parents. Liesel is on the hunt as she takes out a new nest of vamps and their alpha. She has a relationship with Hades. Yes, that Hades, as in “God of the Underworld” who was featured another Zenescope series “Godstorm”. As always, Zenescope delivers amazing action and a mixture of vibrant colors with dark overtones that make the characters pop as well as create atmosphere. Much like familiar series such as “Supernatural” and “Constantine”, humor between characters sets a lighter mood, making the story more entertaining without slowing things down. The title character herself has the beauty of DC Comics Zatanna Zatara and the whit of Dean Winchester. Her design is clearly Steampunk inspired, much like to the 2004 film. I have been a fan of Zenescope comics for ten years and they never cease to amaze me with their creative iterations of the classic fairytale and folklore characters we all love and giving them new light in the dark, twisted world of the Grimm Universe. And this has been done wonderfully again with Van Helsing vs. Dracula.

Liesel’s hunt begins om August 19!!