Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade Finale: Osiris revealed!!

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The revelation shocks both Gingka and Yu. “You’re kidding me?! He was standing right here the whole time?!” says Gingka.

“But if this guy is Osiris, then who is that up there?” Yu asked.

“Allow me to explain,” Osiris says with a satisfying grin. He then snaps his fingers. The other man sitting in the throne like chair above the stadium evaporates into dark mist.

“Huh? What happened to Osiris?” Kenta wondered after watching him vanish.

“Yeah, he…vanished. Did they win?” asked Benkei.

“I don’t think so. The last guy didn’t go yet,” Honda pointed out.

“Something’s not right,” Jonouchi says.

Benkei, Kenta and Honda look at him curiously. “What’s up, bro? You’ve gotten quiet after that big guy made a move,” says Honda.

“There’s something about that guy,” Jonouchi replied in a serious tone. “I can’t put my finger on it. But looking at how our pals and that girl are reacting, I wonder if…”

“If what?” asks Benkei.

“I’m not sure. But something tells me that that guy is Osiris,” Jonouchi said.

“Are you serious?” Kenta asks.

“How can you be sure?” Madoka added.

“I don’t know for certain,” replies Jonouchi. “What I do know is that this whole tournament stinks and I’m catching wind of something I don’t like.”

Gingka and Yu stand in awe just as the man now identified as Odom vanishes. They turn back to Osiris, still speechless. Ferrah could only stare at her master in shock, wondering why he would hide himself in plain sight while keeping her unaware. Yami and Yugi maintain their resolve. Having dealt with the likes of Pegasus J. Crawford and Marik Ishtar, this situation is not alien to them.

“Now, to answer the questions lingering in the back of your minds. What you just saw was merely a construct of my creation. I made him to take my place while I posed as Odom for this tournament,” Osiris tells them.

“Huh, you made him? You mean that guy was a fake?” says Gingka.

“You really are on the ball, Gingky,” Yu shot at him contemptuously.

“That is correct, Gingka. I made that construct and took up this role as a means of observing you. I wanted to see your strength firsthand. And I have to say that I am impressed. You did meet my expectations,” said Osiris. “Oh and speaking of ‘you.’ Yu Tendo shall be removed from play.”

“What?!” Yami said.

“Hey wait a minute! Yu won his battle!” Gingka protested.

“That’s right! When the heck did I lose?!” Yu added.

“True, he did win his match against Ferrah, but he lost to me the moment I launched my Beyblade,” says Osiris.

Yami, Yu and Gingka are briefly taken aback by Osiris’ statement. It does not take them long to figure out that Osiris never called the conclusion of Yu and Ferrah’s battle.

“So that’s what happened,” Yami says.

“Yugi?” said Gingka.

“Osiris neglected to call the end of Yu and Ferrah’s battle. The likely reason for that is because he is the final opponent,” says Yami.

“So I would have had to face him regardless,” Yu said.

“That is correct, Pharoah,” says Osiris. “Although, there is another matter that must be addressed first.” The Egyptian God turns to Ferrah. “Ferrah Nyle, you shall be removed from play,” he says to her coldly.

Ferrah stares back blankly. “Lord…Osiris,” she manages to stumble out.

He can the curiosity in her eyes. Osiris, unwavering, casts a cold gaze upon her. “Understand that it was your poor judgement that led to your defeat. You constantly underestimated your opponent’s abilities and therefore have been given a defeat worthy of your arrogance. Moreover, you have even passed poor judgement upon your own kin. I have overlooked that fact long enough. Consider this punishment.” The towering God held a large hand out over Ferrah.

Staring back, Ferrah does not see anger in her master’s eyes. In them are pity, resentment and disappointment. This is the last image she sees before she is wrapped in ethereal light and vanishes.

“Wha…what happened? What did you do?” Gingka asked, fearing the worse.

Orisis, sensing his feelings, replies, “Fear not, Gingka Hagane. Ferrah is unharmed. I merely want her to reflect on her recent behavior. Nothing more.” He then casts his gaze upon Gingka and Yami. “Now Gingka, Pharoah, shall we conclude my tournament?”

Gingka and Yami stand firm, glaring at the Judgement God.

“Very well,” says Yami.

“You bet we are,” Gingka replied with his usual zeal. “Yu, you can hang back while Yugi and I finish this.” Gingka waited for a reply. None came. “Yu?” He looks to left then his right. Yami does the same. “Where is he?”

Yu Tendo stares puzzled at everyone inside the barrier. Just a moment ago, he was out on the field with Gingka and Yugi. He has no idea what or how it happened. One thing is certain, he is glad to be amongst his friends again. “Ben-Ben, Kenchi,” he says.

“Yu, you’re alright,” says Madoka.

“Good to have you here, pal. Well, sort of,” Benkei said.

Yu then looks at the other people inside the barrier. “And you guys are Yugi’s friends, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m Anzu,” she says. “And that’s Jonouchi and Honda.”

“Hey,” Honda greeted with a simple wave.

“What’s up?” said Jonouchi.

“Yu, what happened out there?” asks Kenta. “Is that guy really Osiris?”

“Hmm, man where do I even start?” Yu replied, scratching the back of his head.

“How about with what just happened before you were zapped in here,” Honda suggested.

“And more importantly how’s Yugi doing,” Jonouchi added.

Gingka and Yugi stare down Osiris. Osiris gazes back with a satisfying grin. Finally, his time of judgement has come. He will see if Yugi Motou, host to the Pharaoh’s Spirit that resides within the Millennium Puzzle, is worthy of the coming Final Duel. He will also see if Gingka Hagane can truly live up to his title as the winner of the World Beyblade Championship.

“Gingka Hagane. Pharoah. And you as well, Yugi Motou,” Orisis says, addressing each of them. “I commend you for making it to the final round of my Valley of Kings Tournament. This tournament I have arranged is to test you to see if you are worthy of your titles. Pharaoh and Yugi Motou, you share the title of King of Games. Gingka Hagane, you and your team hold the title of Beyblade World Champions. I merely wish to judge for myself to see if you are worthy of them.”

“If you wanted to face us, why take our friends? Why not come after us yourself?” says Gingka.

“It’s quite simple,” Osiris replied, pausing before continuing his answer. “Your friendship.”

“Our…friendship? What’s that got to do with anything?” Gingka asked.

“The two of you tote that your friends help you in your battles, that it is their belief in you that drives you, grants you your strength. I wish to see that for myself,” Osiris tells them. “So, Gingka. Pharoah. Yugi. Are you ready to show me the strength and courage of your friends and prove your worth?”

Gingka smiles his trademark grin. “You bet I am! There’s no doubt that I couldn’t have gotten as far as I did in Battle Bladers and the Beyblade World Tournament if it wasn’t for the belief in my friends. We support and encourage each other. And we battle for each other as well. So yeah, my friends have my back no matter what. Even though I can’t hear behind that barrier, I know they’re cheering me. So, that’s why I’m gonna battle my hardest, for them!”

“Well said, Gingka!” Yami complimented. Then he stares down the Egyptian God and says, “He is right, Osiris. The courage of one’s friends can grant incredible strength. It is because we support and believe in each other that we can grow stronger together. I would not be who I am today if it was not for the support of my friends.” He then looks over at Gingka and adds, “Along with the support of new ones.”

Returning Yami’s smile, Gingka nods in agreement.

“You have our answer, Osiris. We will face with all our strength and the strength of our friends,” Yami says boldly.

“Yeah, so bring it on! We’ll take whatever you throw at us!” Gingka piped up with his usual zeal.

Osiris grins and laughs in his throat. “Very well,” he spoke. Suddenly, the space around them begins to grow dark. Gingka looks around in confusion. The statues, torches and stands decorated through out the arena vanish behind a veil of darkness. Inside the barrier, Yu, Kenta, Benkei and Madoka look on in awe and disbelief. However, Yugi and his friends are all too familiar with what is happening.

“Wh-What is that?” says Benkei.

“Hey, what’s with the dark clouds? What’s going on?” Madoka asked frightened.

“I had a hunch this was going to happen eventually,” Jonouchi said.

“We should have saw this coming,” Honda grumbled.

“Saw what coming?” Kenta asked.

“Osiris just started a Shadow Game,” answered Anzu.

“I…I don’t like the sound of that,” Madoka says worriedly.

“What’s a Shadow Game?” asked Benkei.

Inside the dark energies of the Shadow Game, Osiris stood triumphantly before his two opponents. “Yugi Motou. Gingka Hagane. Pharaoh. Let us begin the final battle of my tournament. Show me all of your strength.”

“You bet!” Gingka zealously replied. “Ready Yugi?!”

“I am!” Yami answered sternly.

The Valley of the Kings Tournament has reached its climax with Gingka Hagane and Yugi Motou, host to the Pharaoh Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, standing ready to be judged by the Egyptian God Osiris. Can they defeat the God and free their friends? Or will they be judged harshly?