Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 4!!


They then take a section of the park. Benkei heads north of the fountain. Gingka and Yugi head east and west respectively while Yu and Kenta go south. Yugi walks down a pathway through the trees. After running into so many dead ends, he is excited to finally get a lead on one of his friends. He walks slowly, calling out Anzu’s name. In case they found each other, he calls out Jonouchi and Honda as well. Elsewhere in the park, Gingka and the others are doing the same. “Anzu, are you there?” Yugi calls again. There is no answer. He calls again. Nothing. Maybe this Yu kid didn’t see her, Yugi thinks. Sensing his despair, Yami speaks to Yugi.
“Do not despair Yugi. We will find Jonouchi, Honda and Anzu,” he says. “We always have.”
“I know. I’m just worried that something may have happened to them,” Yugi tells Yami.
“Let’s not think anything yet until we are certain. It could be as Tsubasa said, our friends are looking for us just as we are looking for them,” said Yami.
“You’re right. That’s why we have to keep searching,” replied Yugi. He calls for Anzu again. There is a rustle in the bushes behind. He whips around to see who or what made the noise. The bush moves again. “Anzu?” he says, taking a step forward. A squirrel jumps out from the bush and runs up a tree on the opposite side of the path. Yugi sighs. He had hoped for a moment it was Anzu. He turns to continue down the path when he bumps into someone. They fall to the ground together.
“Ow!” came a girl’s voice.
Thinking it was Anzu, Yugi quickly looked up only to see a familiar girl with short brown hair and goggles on her head. “Madoka?” he says.
“Yugi?” Madoka said once she realized it was him.
“What are you doing here?” Yugi asked as he stood up. He holds out a hand to help Madoka up.
“I ran into Tsubasa and he said he saw you guys run into the park,” Madoka answered. “So I came here hoping to run into you guys. Though I didn’t expect to be so literal.”
Yugi laughs and says, “Well I’m glad you’re here. We got a lead on one of my friends.”
“You do?” asks Madoka. Yugi tells her that Yu is the one who saw Anzu in the park. Madoka suggests they head back to the fountain to see if Gingka and the others found anything. Yugi agrees and walks back with Madoka. When they arrive, they see Gingka and Benkei are already at the fountain. Yugi asks if they found any sign of Anzu. They have not. Soon afterward, Yu and Kenta coming running up to the fountain. Gingka asks them what is wrong.
“We found a purse! We think it belongs to your friend Anzu, Yugi,” said Kenta. He then hands the pink purse to Yugi.
Yugi immediately recognizes the purse. “This is Anzu’s!” he exclaimed. Opening it, he finds a photo and shows everyone. “And this confirms it!” The photo is of Yugi with his friends Jonouchi, Honda and Anzu that was taken one day while they were aboard the boat that took them to Duelist Kingdom. Gingka, Benkei and Madoka are taken aback by the photo. It is the first big lead they got since their investigation in the shopping district. With a lead this close, Yugi did not want to waste time. “Where did you find this, Kenta?” he asked.
“We found it near a bey stadium,” Kenta told Yugi.
“Can you take us to it?” said Yugi.
Kenta nods and quickly leads everyone back to the bey stadium where he and Yu found Anzu’s purse. “I still don’t get what’s going on,” Yu commented before running to catch up with the others.
While following Kenta back to the bey stadium, all Yugi could think about is Anzu. They’ve known each other for a long time. She always comes to his aid whenever he was being picked on and always helped him back up when he was knocked down. Along with Jonouchi and Honda, she was his best support during his duels at Pegasus J. Crawford’s Duelist Kingdom and Seto Kaiba’s Battle City Tournament. Plus, unknown to anyone, Yugi has a bit of a crush on Anzu. He cares for her a lot which is why he must find her now that he has proof that she, Jonouchi and Honda were indeed brought to this world by Osiris. He has to find them. He must.
Soon they reach the bey stadium where Anzu’s purse was found. Tree encircled the area leaving the pathway they came down the only exit.
“This is where you found the purse, Kenta?” Gingka asked him.
“Yeah, it was next to the stadium,” Kenta answered.
“This is about where I saw that girl you’re looking for,” Yu says.
“Why didn’t you mention that before, Yu?” asks Gingka.
“No one asked me,” Yu replied plainly. Everyone but Yugi groans at his response. Yu may be a genius but he is still childish in some ways.
Madoka suggests they try looking for more clues to the whereabouts of Yugi’s friends. Just as they begin searching, Yami contacts Yugi. “Yugi, I sense a mysterious presence,” he tells him. Yugi, via the Millennium Puzzle, asks Yami where the presence is. Yami focuses and determines where the mysterious energy is. “It is straight ahead of us,” he says. Yugi looks in the direction indicated by Yami. He sees nothing except for a large tree just ahead of him. Because of his union with the ancient pharaoh, Yugi can also sense mystical powers on a minimal level. At times, he can access this unique ability, usually when there is a Millennium item nearby. But since none exist in this world, this energy is from something or someone else. Yugi takes a step toward the bey stadium. His newfound friends watch him curiously. Does he see something, they wondered.
“Hey, what’s up, Yugi?” Benkei asks.
“There’s someone here,” Yugi answers.
“There’s someone here?” Benkei said, looking around aimlessly. “I don’t see anyone.”
Yugi stops at the edge of the bey stadium. The presence is stronger here. He feels uneasy. A strong presence in the same area where Anzu was last seen and she is now gone. There is no doubt now. Something happened to her. Yugi must find out what it is. “Come out! I know you’re there!” he said sternly.
A moment passes by before a man stepped out from behind the tree and walked towards the side of the bey stadium opposite of Yugi. He is dressed in striking Egyptian attire with gold accents. Golden bracelets and shin guards don his wrists and legs and a bandanna depicting the same gazing eye as the Millennium Puzzle completes his appearance. He looked as if he had stepped out from the ancient days of pharaohs. The light breeze tossed his long dark hair as he gazes at Yugi. Gingka and his friends look at the strangely dressed man. They have dealt with their fair share of odd people but never anyone like this.
“Who is this guy?” Gingka wondered.
“Looks like he stepped right out of ancient Egypt,” Madoka said worriedly.
Yugi is not intimidated by the man, however. He has dealt with ancient power numerous times before. Encounters with Pegasus J. Crawford and his Millennium Eye, Bakura Toro and the Millennium Ring, and Marik Ishtar and his Millennium Rod have helped Yugi understand the ancient powers of the Millennium Items and the power of the pharaoh spirit inside. He has dealt with dark powers before and faced them unerring. This is no different.
“Who are you?” Yugi asks.
The man gazes at him before answering. “It is not you I wish to speak with. My business is with the Pharaoh,” he says.

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