Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade Chapter 10: Yu Tendo vs Ferrah Nile Pt.2!!

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The two of them countdown before yanking hard on the ripcords of their launchers, sending their Beyblades spirling into the stadium. Ferrah, who is just as impetuous as Yu, wastes no time in making the first move.

“Get him, Scarab!” she calls out. Silver Scarab streaks toward Flame Libra. The strike is powerful, but Libra is a balance type Beyblade and cannot be easily pushed over.

Yu laughs. “You’re gonna have to do better than that if you have any chance of defeating Libra.” With a silent command, Libra whips around in a small circle, knocking Silver Scarab back.

Ferrah hollers her command. Silver Scarab charges forward again with greater speed. Again, it is sent back by Libra. Silver Scarab races around Libra, striking it repeatedly, yet Libra stands firm. Ferrah is becoming frustrated. She knew Flame Libra has incredible defense but underestimated its capabilities.

Yami, who has been watching along with Yugi and Gingka, noticed Silver Scarab’s attacks are having minimal effect of Flame Libra. “Ferrah’s attacks seem to be having little effect on Yu’s bey,” Yami pointed out.

“Yeah, she keeps attacking yet Libra has hardly budged,” said Yugi.

“That’s because Yu’s bey is a stamina type,” Gingka says to Yami.

“Stamina type?”

“It can take a lot of punishment and dish out just as much. Those weak attacks won’t be enough to take down Libra.”

“I take it Yu is a strong Blader.”

“You bet he is. He won the Survival Bladers preliminary all by himself and even I had trouble with him at Battle Bladers.”

“That is quite impressive,” Yami said. Then he warns, “However, even though Yu is a strong blader as you say, it is still unwise to take his opponent lightly.”

“Take his opponent lightly?” Gingka said, rubbing the back of his head with a puzzled look. “I’m not sure what you mean, Yugi. But I think we should keep a watch on Ferrah to see how good she is,” said Gingka.

Yami casts a look at Gingka before returning his attention to Yu’s battle.

“Close enough, I guess,” Yugi says, breaking the silence.

Yami shakes his head slightly with a sigh.

Silver Scarab continues its assault on Flame Libra that has yet to show any signs of damage. Wearing a wide grin, Yu looks on proudly as his bey staves off each strike Ferrah devlivers.

“I thought you weren’t going to make this boring, but it looks like I was wrong. Oh well,” Yu says with a shrug of his shoulders. “Guess I’ll end this boring match. Libra! Sonic Wave!” Flame Libra flashes its facebolt before vibratiing rapidly and firing a wave of energy. Silver Scarab is struck and send backward, catching Ferrah by surprise. Yu calls for Libra to attack again. Ferrah quickly has Silver Scarab dodge before racing around the stadium avoiding continuous waves of energy fired by Flame Libra.

“That’s it Yu! Keep it up!” Benkei blustered.

“You can do it, Yu!” Kenta piped up.

“That’s it, take her out!” said Jonouchi.

“You got this…uh, Yu.” Honda says, pausing momentarily at the risk of sounding redundant.

Silver Scarab continues to race around the stadium in a serpentine pattern avoiding Flame Libra’s barrage of Sonic Waves. Yu keeps up the assault, hoping to win with a sleep out. He needn’t worry about his bey in terms of stamina. With its sharp performance tip, Flame Libra has no issues with a lengthy battle. Ferrah fears her bey will run out of stamina before Flame Libra. Unfortunately, she sees little chance for a counterattack amidst the barrage of attacks from Yu’s bey.

“I gotta say, you’re pretty good at dodging Libra’s Sonic Waves. But let’s see you got out of this,” says Yu. Then he issues Libra his command. “Libra! Sonic Buster!” Libra begins vibrating rapidly.

Just as Yu calls out his command to Libra, Yami interrupts him. “That would not be wise, Yu. Recall your battle with the other Nile sister,” he instructs.

Yu thinks back to his battle with Neferiah. He had used Sonic Buster then but Neferiah took advantage and hid her Golden Scarab bey under the sand. He quickly deduces that the sisters’ beys could have similar abilities. “Hold it, Libra!” Flame Libra stops vibrating. Yu does not want to the same mistake twice.

Ferrah glares at Yami. “Damn you, Pharaoh.” She then glares at Yu. Her plan was to force Yu to use Sonic Buster to turn the stadium floor into sand, so she can take advantage. However, her plan is not lost. “Well, it seems my idiot sister ruined things for me again. No matter. That just means things are about to get interesting,” she says with a devious smile.

Yami holds his resolve, casting a suspicious eye down at the stadium.

“What is it, Other me?” Yugi asks, sensing the Pharoah’s thoughts.

“Something is not right,” Yami replied.

“What do you mean?”

“I fear the tide of this battle may have turned but not in Yu’s favor.”

“How,” Yugi started. Then the notion strikes him like lightning. “What a minute! Don’t scarabs live in the desert?”

Yami responds with a nod.

 “Are you done over there? I would like to get this over with. I’m starting to get bored,” Yu said.

Ferrah chuckles wickedly. “Bored, are you? Then let’s liven things up,” she says. Ferrah casts wicked gaze before issuing her command. “Scarab!” Silver Scarab flashes its face bolt. “Do it! Shining Ray!” Ferrah’s Beyblade is wrapped in a white light. It vibrates rapidly, sending pulse waves throughout the stadium.

“No way! Are you serious?!” Yu says, recoiling in shock.

“You’re kidding! That’s…” Gingka is in disbelief.

“No. That can’t be right,” Madoka has ran over the data again and again. The information she gathered does not lie.

“Madoka, what is it? What’s wrong?” Anzu asked worriedly.

“Ferrah’s bey,” Madoka starts. “Uses sonic vibrations just like Libra.”

No sooner than did Madoka finished her sentence and before anyone could react, Benkei bellows for everyone’s attention. “Hey guys, look at the stadium!”

They listen to him and make an awful discovery. Ferrah had used Silver Scarab to turn the stadium floor into sand.

“But that can’t be. I thought only Flame Libra could turn the stadium floor into sand,” said Kenta.

“Well, looks like we didn’t get the memo,” Honda replied.

“This is bad. Ferrah may plan to use the same tactic as her sister,” Yami pointed out.

“Are you serious?!” says Gingka.

Yami replies with a nod.

“Then we’ve got to tell him,” Yugi urged.

 “Agreed.” Yami then focuses his attention to Yu who smiles triumphantly. “Yu, stay alert!” Yu looks over his shoulder at him. “The battle is not yet over,” Yami warned again.

“Huh, what are you talking about?” Yu said, a hint of confusion in his voice.

His question is answered with laughter from Ferrah. “Clever, Pharoah.” She looked up at Yami, covering her face with her hand and peering between stretched fingers. “I figured you’d be the one to discover my plan,” she said, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“Plan? What plan?” Ginkga asked. He looked between Yami and Ferrah with curiosity and confusion.

“Oh, don’t you know, Gingka Hagane? The sands of Egypt is home to the scarabs,” Ferrah declared. “I was waiting for Yu Tendo to make my lovely scarab feel right at home. But as you can see, I didn’t need your Sonic Buster,” she adds with a menacing grin.

“Just as I thought. Ferrah was waiting for the right moment.”

“The right moment? For what?”

Yami looks over at Gingka. “Ferrah had knowledge that Flame Libra is capable of turning the ground into sand. However, she didn’t need him to use it since her bey is also capable of the feat. She was waiting to catch him off guard.”

Shock washed over Gingka as he tries to piece everything together. “Are you saying Yu…?”

Yami nods his reply. “Yes, Yu has fallen into Ferrah’s trap, just as she had planned. Clearly, she had command of this battle from the beginning.”

Ferrah glares at Yu with a devious smile. Before this battle began, she was fully aware of Yu and his Flame Libra’s abilities. She purposely lightened her attacks against Yu to goad him into use his Sonic Buster to turn the stadium floor into sand. However, she also figured that he would not use his beyblade’s special move after seeing how Neferiah turned it to her advantage. With her plan a success, Ferrah can take full control of this battle with her Silver Scarab. “Now Yu Tendo, the end begins.”

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