Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade Chapter 10: Yu Tendo vs Ferrah Nile – Pt.1

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Impressed with the display, Osiris stands to announce the end of the battle. “With an incredibly decive blow, Yugi Motou wins this battle!” he said. He then looks directly at his servant. “Azeem, you have fought well but it wasn’t enough. You shall be removed from play.”

Azeem responds with a bow of his head.

“Way to go, Yugi!” Gingka said, running up to him smiling. Yami collects Dark Magician.

“That was totally cool!” Yu added excitedly.

“Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without your support,” Yami says. Then he looks towards the barrier where the rest of his friends are being detained. “And the support of our friends.” Though he could not hear them, he can see everyone is cheering loudly.

Azeem is also watching the friends of Gingka and Yugi. Even thought they are detained, their spirits are still high. He smiles. Not Lord Osiris can keep them apart. “Pharaoh.” Yami turns to him. “You have battled well, Pharaoh. And have shown me your true strength. I commend you on your victory,” Azeem says.

“Likewise, Azeem. You truly gave me a challenge,” Yami replied.

“Pharaoh, a piece of advice, if you permit me,” asked Azeem. Yami responds with a nod. “Take what you have experienced in our battle and apply it to your future matches. Face your opponents the same as you have faced me,” Azeem says to him and then bows his head respectfully.

“I shall, Azeem. And thank you,” said Yami.

“That advice also applies to you as well, Gingka Hagane. That indominable tenacity of yours, use it well in your future battles,” Azeem says to the flame haired blader.

Gingka stares at him oddly. “Uh, thanks, I guess,” he says awkwardly scratching his head.

Azeem laughs. “Do not fret, Gingka Hagane. You will understand soon enough,” he says kindly. Gingka just stares blankly, lightly tapping a finger on his cheek lost in thought. “Now, if you excuse me. I must take my leave.” With a flip of his card by Osiris, Azeem quietly fades away.

“You know, he didn’t seem like such a bad guy,” said Gingka.

“Indeed. Azeem fought with dignity and honor. And he has shown us one important aspect,” says Yami.

“Which is?” Yu asks.

“The battles will be far tougher from here on out,” answered Yami.

Inside Osiris’ barrier, the celebration of Yugi’s victory over Azeem is still happening. Their glee is heightened by the fact that only two of Osiris’ servants remain to face Yugi, Gingka and Yu.

“Alright! Way to go, Yugi!” said Kenta. “Now there’s only two left.”

“And once Yugi, Gingka and Yu beat them, we’ll be able to get out of here!” Benkei added.

“Yeah, it’ll be a piece of cake for those guys!” Honda says excitedly.

“We ain’t got nuthin’ to worry about. Our pals will wipe the floor with those creeps!” Jonouchi says with a fist pump.

“You said it, Jonouchi! Let’s keep cheering them on!” Benkei agreed with a powerful rally.

“Yeah!” Jonouchi, Kenta and Honda cheered in unison.

Madoka and Anzu share the boys’ excitement but, alas, are unable to match their enthusiasm. “Do they have to be so loud?” Madoka whined dispassionately with a pained look. Anzu expressed the same displeasure. They drop their heads and whine when the guys let loose another boisterous battle cry.

Osiris gazes down at Yugi with satisfying grin. The Egyptian God recalls the day that darkness fell across Egypt several millennia ago and the Pharaoh rose up to dispel the evil that threatened the land. Azeem has shown him that the Pharaoh has not lost that strength. What a delight it will be when he battles the Pharaoh and sees that incredible strength himself. “Well done, Pharaoh,” Osiris addresses him.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were expecting the outcome of that battle,” Yami says, taking notice of Osiris’ assured demeanor.

“Indeed. You are just as powerful as I remember.”

“When this tournament is over, Osiris, you will see how powerful I really am,” Yami says with a firm tone.

Undaunted, Osiris laughs. “I look forward to it. But first, you must win my little tournament, my Pharaoh.”

Before Yami could respond, Gingka quickly bursts out. “You bet we will! Bring on the next match!” he says with enthusiastic flare.

“Ah, that zealousness that you are so well known for, Gingka Hagane. I can’t wait to see it firsthand,” Osiris says with a sinister grin. He casts a dark glare at Yugi, Gingka and Yu, who stare back undeterred. “Such tenacity,” he commented. “Very well, as you requested, here is the next battle.” Osiris raises an arm toward the board above his head that shows the next contestants. “Yu Tendo versus Farrah Nile,” he announced. “Bladers, step to the stadium.”

“Well, it’s about time. I was starting to get bored,” says Yu.

“Alright, Yu. Win this and there’ll only be one battle left,” Gingka said with zeal. “And then we can get our friends and get out of here.”

“Heh, no need to tell me twice,” Yu replies with his usual impetuousness.

Yami and Yugi are used to this kind of impulsive attitude from Jonouchi, who displays it from time to time especially during Duels. Sometimes this attitude leads to Jonouchi’s downfall. However, the same impulsive attitude is a part of his dueling nature and he has won a majority of his duels because of it. Yu has a similar tendacy. He can also be impulsive at times; however, unlike Jonouchi, Yu is quite intelligent and is a better strategist.

Yu steps up to the stadium. Ferrah Nile also steps forward.

“Well, well, so I get the squirt,” Ferrah says with a smug grin. She then takes out her launcher and locks her Beyblade – Silver Scarab – in place. “This is gonna be fun.”

“Got some nerve calling me a squirt,” Yu said back, his usual smirk stretched across his face. Taking out Flame Libra and locking it in his launcher, he aims it toward the stadium, ready to battle. “You shouldn’t have done that, now your big sister can’t be here to save you.”

“Ugh, I said it before. Neferiah is my younger sister,” Ferrah tells him.

“Well, somebody definitely got short changed in the T & A department,” Yu taunted.

“Y-You shut up!” Ferrah snapped. Unlike her sister Neferiah who has a more mature body, Ferrah still has the physique of a young girl despite a couple years older. It annouyed her when Neferiah would mistaken for the being the older sibling. “You little… I’m gonna make you pay for that.”

“Whatever. Just as long as you don’t make this boring, okay?” Yu said.

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