Where is the Seventh Spirit?! Date A Live III Episode 1 review!!

Shido is living the good life with the six spirits he managed to get to fall in love with him. Soon, he is sent to investigate the presence of another spirit who reveals herself to be Natsumi. Upon their meeting, they are attacked until Natsumi reveals her power and defeats the Anti-Spirit Team. After the battle, Natsumi quickly accuses Shido of discovering her secret and becomes his enemy. Shido arrives at school to discover his relationship with his classmates and friends has been turned upside down with everyone accusing him of performing lewd acts upon them, with the exception of Origami. Shido escaped from the persecution of his friends. He quickly spots the imposter and chases them up to school roof. Tokha and Origami soon follow and quickly identify the imposter to be Natsumi, who caused the trouble at school disguised as Shido. Issuing another threat, she disappears. Five days later, Shido receives a letter from Natsumi. The envelope contains pictures of his friends including his sister Kotori along with a challenge, “Among them, I’m there. Can you guess who I am before everyone is gone.”

Natsumi takes a quick liking to Shido before turning against him.

The first episode of Date A Live III wastes no time throwing Shido right back into the mix. Unlike before where he had to seal the girls’ power due to them causing havoc, this is a personal challenge in which Shido has to find Natsumi who is hiding among his friends. The only way to find her is obvious – he has to date each person. I have a feeling that his classmates will not be too keen on going on a date with Shido after the incident at school involving Natsumi. Dating the Spirits again would be no issue, but his female classmates are involved along with his friend Hiroto Tonomachi, who is the only male among the group, and his homeroom teacher Tamae Okamine. Ai Yamabuki, Mai Hazakura and Mii Fujibakama are all friends with Tohka and support her in her efforts to become Shido’s girlfriend, while reprimanding him upon seeing him with other girls. This will make things difficult for our hero considering that this is the only way to expose Natsumi before she follows through with her threat. Going on dates with everyone could also be productive in finding out what “secret” Natsumi is hiding that made her upset with Shido in the first place. No doubt that eighty percent of the season will be spent hunting for the elusive Seventh Spirit.

Shido must find Natsumi among those close to him or they will disappear.

Natsumi turns Shido’s life upside down by disguising herself as him.

As Shido, Natsumi caused problems for him at school, such as groping the female students in his class.

Kotori tells Shido about the letter sent to him from Natsumi, who is in disguise hiding among his friends which includes Kotori.