UltraViolet Digital media to shut down services in July!!

The digital platform UltraViolet announced in January that it will be closing down on July 31. During this time, users can still access their video library and movies will remain available on digital platforms linked to their retailers. The purchasing and redeeming of codes will still active until the shutdown; however, these redemptions may or may not be added to the user’s library depending upon the retailer. As for what will happen after the shutdown, codes for UltraViolet can still be redeemed but only through separate retailers.

UltraViolet first launched in 2011 to serve as a conduit between major movie studios and online digital retailers. Users can redeem codes from their purchased media to acquire a digital version to be added to their library for use. Known companies to be affiliated with UltraViolet include Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Fox Entertainment Group, Lionsgate, and The Weinstein Company. HBO and BCC have also had several of their programs made available on UltraViolet. Amazon Video, Apple, Google and Disney Studios were exempt from this since each company has established their own digital streaming service.

The shutdown of UltraViolet comes from the launch of competing digital media service Movies Anywhere, which is an expansion of The Walt Disney Company’s digital service, “Disney Movies Anywhere.” The House of Mouse launched the service on February 25, 2014 that allowed any Disney movie purchased or redeemed at any participating provider to be played using all other DMA providers. DMA providers included iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Video, and Microsoft Movies & TV. On October 12, 2017, Disney Movies Anywhere was expanded to include movies from a number of non-Disney studios, thus forming a full-fledged UltraViolet competitor. To add to this, many studios affiliated with UltraViolet ended their contracts with them in 2018. January 2, the first U.S. digital releases of 2018 from Universal Pictures are released without UV rights, joining 20th Century Fox as the second studio to drop UV rights for new releases. On January 15, 2018 the Ultraviolet service will no longer be available on TalkTalk TV. In March 2018, FandangoNow joined MoviesAnywhere, and stopped offering UV rights for MA affiliated studios films. July 11, Twentieth Century Fox stops issuing UV rights for all new purchases for catalog titles that were previously UV enabled.
July 17, Lionsgate titles released on or after July 17, 2018, will no longer be available on UltraViolet.
Sept 18, Universal Studios stops issuing UV rights for all new purchases for catalog titles that previously UV enabled.
December 11th, 2018, Paramount stops issuing UV rights for all new releases moving forward. One week after the final UV title was released with Mission Impossible Fallout.