TurboGrafx16 mini launches May 22 in North America after March delay!!

This weekend get ready to game like its 1989! As we all know, COVID19 has made its impact known in the entertainment world and a lot of stuff we have been anticipating are getting pushed back. But you know the old saying – “patience is a virtue.”

Konami has announced that the TurboGrafx16 mini console will ship the North America on Friday, May 22. The compact version of the classic 16bit console launched in Japan on March 19, the original target date for worldwide distribution. COVID19 has halted production in China and the game’s launch to the West was delayed. Konami has not announced a date for the European PC Engine Grafx16 mini console but they will keep a close eye on the situation.

Looks like Europe will have to be patient just a little longer.

Konami streamed a video in December displaying the features of the TurboGrafx16 mini console.

The original TurboGrafx16 launched in Japan in 1987 and then debuted in the United States in 1989.