Transformers 30th Anniversary!! Beast Wars Characters-Predacons!!

Transformers 30th_Beastwars_predacon symbol

Now that the Maximals were covered, it’s on to the Predacons. They serve as the antagonists in the Beast Wars series and just like their ancestors the Decepticons, they battle with the Maximals for control over the planet’s energon and seek to rule Cybertron.

Transformers 30th_Beastwars_Megatron
Megatron is the charismatic mastermind commander of the Predacons. Studying the ancient Cybertronian text called the Covenant of Primus, the Predacon took the name Megatron from a great destroyer of the same name that the book foretold (which may or may not have been also in direct homage to his namesake, the Decepticon Megatron). Searching for energon to power his takeover bid, he stole the Golden Disk from Cybertron and headed off into space, pursued by the Maximals. The two teams crashed on prehistoric Earth where they battled for Energon. Megatron is a rather sociable person, but dislikes failure. He gained a Transmetal form giving him a flight mode. Near the end of season 3 he gained a Transmetal II form after being tossed into a pit of lava. He attempted several times to alter Cybertron’s history throughout the past. His beast modes are a Tyrannosaurus and later a dragon.

Transformers 30th_Beastwars_Scorponok
Scorponok is the loyal, if dim-witted, second-in-command (after Dinobot’s ‘departure’) of the Predacons. Scorponok is devoted to serving Megatron, but is rather dense at times. He found rivalry when Inferno showed. Scorponok eventually died when a transwarp explosion struck Earth sending him and Terrorsaur into a pit of lava. Beast mode is a scorpion.

Transformers 30th_Beastwars_Tarantulas
Tarantulas is cunning, deceptive, treacherous. As a Tripedicus Secret Police member acting as a member of Megatron’s force, he always has another agenda on his mind. Obsessed with leaving the planet, he uses his knowledge of technology to get what he wants. He gained a Transmetal in season 2. It is later revealed that he is actually descendant of the Chaos Bringer Unicron. He was killed near the end of season 3 when he accidentally vaporized himself with his own machinery. Beast mode is a tarantula.

Transformers 30th_Beastwars_Terrorsaur
Terrorsaur is a usurper and aerial combatant; his beast form is a red pteranodon. As well as his aerial prowess, Terrorsaur’s offensive weaponry included laser cannons in his optics, similar to that of Dinobot, but his preferred weapons were his shoulder-mounted cannons, forearm mounted double barreled cannon and hand-held pistol. He often attempted to overthrow Megatron for leadership of the Predacons (reminiscent of his Decepticon Air Commander predecessor: Starscream) but was never successful in the end. Like Scorponok, he also was destroyed by lava during the Quantum Surge.

Transformers 30th_Beastwars_Waspinator
Waspinator is the not-very-bright and easily intimidated flyer of the Predaons. His beast form is a wasp. Waspinator often refers to himself in the third person, and generally has a gloomy outlook on his own life. Through bad luck, Waspinator was often shot at or damaged throughout the series, by Maximals and Predacons alike. Later in the show’s lifespan, this became a cartoony gimmick, in that Waspinator was blown to bits in every episode. Waspinator had a hand held gun, firing projectiles which would explode on impact. He could also fire poisonous barbs. He fired purple laser beams from his optical cannons in season 1, but he never used this ability in season 2 or 3. He is briefly taken over by the spark of Starscream, and becomes the leader of the Predacons, before being defeated. In ‘Nemesis, Part 1’, Waspinator renounced his Predacon allegiance, claiming that he was sick of being a Predacon, sick of being evil, and sick of being blown to scrap (ironically, this outburst led him to being blown to scrap). He did not reappear until the very end of ‘Nemesis, Part 2’, where he was being treated like a god by the humans. He ended up having the last piece of dialogue in the entire series when he said “Waspinator happy at last.”