It’s been how many years since a new Tomb Raider has hit the shelfs? 5 years.

Just five years? Awww…

But anyway, the Original Tomb Raider game * released on the PSone in 1996* gave us one of the most notable heroines in video game history.

She had it all. Athletic physique, stunning good looks, riches, an arsenal for days, yet she still went out and put herself in danger * why is beyond me, though I’m sure most of you would say ” Because she’s freaking Lara Croft, man! *

And boy was she tough! Playing the Tomb Raider games over the years, it seemed like Lara was darn near indestructible! This chick done went and shimmied across hot rocks, took on mystical creatures and human adversaries alike and made away with plenty of ancient treasures an artifacts.

Yeah, Lara was boss back then. So here’s what you have to look forward to in the reboot.

There’s no more teflon Croft. This game depicts Lara’s first adventure, so she’s a newbie without the conditioning and training of a successful Tomb Raider. She’ll be very… girlish in this one, getting hurt, scared and may even break down and start crying.

Still, this won’t stop loyal Tomb Raider fans from picking this up and enjoying it, so why should it stop you?

Be sure to pick up Tomb Raider at a GameStop near you. Until then, check this out! 🙂