This teaser trailer for Castlevania series is killer!!


Darkness is upon us. A great evil has befallen the land. The mere mention of his name strikes fear into the hearts of innocents. Count Dracula. However, a hero stands, ready to challenge the dark count with a will like tempered steel. He is the Vampire Hunter, Trevor Belmont.

Gamers know that story all too well. The story of the Belmont clan’s centuries long battle against the immortal vampire Count Dracula. And it is finally being told out in the most proper way. This animation in the trailer is crisp and I love the characters designs. And kudos to the great throwback sequence. Producer Adi Shankar previously released visual posters shortly after the series was announced.

The Castlevania mini-series will consist of four, 30-minute episodes which begin airing on Netflix July 7.