Dec 20 2013

This Iron Man fan animation is better than ANYTHING Marvel has animated!

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 1.20.01 PM

There’s not much I can say besides, Anthony McGrath with the help of a few friends has put together something wildly surprising. This Iron Man short is all CG and it looks an sounds GREAT! It looks better than any Iron Man animation to date. Simply amazing. Marvel should hire this guy to come up with the Direct-to-DVD film or TV series.

 Even the face of Tony Stark looks on point! Oh, and don’t forget the awesome new armor design the Mark Z that was designed just for this. Wow!

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  1. Sean M. Jackson

    It's a nice fan project; well animated, but better than ANYTHING Marvel has animated… No. Not even close. In fact, the last shot was lifted directly from the 1st Iron Man film.

  2. Dmitry Stepin

    "This Iron Man fan animation is better than ANYTHING Marvel has animated!"
    Are you serious?Its very very very far from being even close to Marvel level.
    Middle amateur level and nothing more.Bad,beginner level of character animation.Shading/rendering is bad in most shots,most effects look terrible.

  3. Dmitry Stepin

    “This Iron Man fan animation is better than ANYTHING Marvel has animated!”

    Are you serious?Done not bad,but animation/visual quality is very very far from Marvel level.
    Good amateur level and nothing more.The animation itself,especcialy character motion is pretty bad in some pieces.

  4. Trevor Fishbein

    I feel like all the shots were already done in the Iron man movies and re rendered/stylized for this piece

  5. Brian Misher

    Get this man to Avengers 2–STAT!!

  6. Michael O'Brien


  7. Paul Anthony

    THAT was bad ass.

  8. Joshua Robinson

    saying this is better than what ILM does is insane completely insane.

    great job to the artist for a nice piece though.

  9. salgoose

    well, given Marvel is not an animation studio, the hyperbole is not strictly speaking wrong. I would have to say it’s not better than the CGI done in the films at all. Good professional work for a reel but please.

  10. Rayfield Angrum

    WoooW Very cool! And A Great way to set an example to Disney!!! Show them how it's Supposed to be done!!!

  11. Jason Richardson

    Mind = Blown

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