The Princess and the Sorcerer!! Izetta: The Last Witch Review!!


Also set in an alternate Earth during the era of World War Two, Izetta: The Last Witch tells the story of a young witch named Izetta who is the last of her clan. She has tried to keep her powers a secret by travelling from town to town with her grandmother. One day she is seen by Princess Finé, the young monarch of Eylstadt and only heir to the throne, which she is forced to take once her father becomes ill. Izetta has the ability to manipulate objects she touches, such as large gun which she uses as a mode of transport. Just in the first episode, we learn about the Princess’ dire situation. Princess Finé is already established as a strong character when she stands up to the Germanian soldiers who are after her. Izetta’s dramatic entry and rescue set up for more interesting displays of her magical abilities. Even though the series is set in an alternate world, it does make references to actual events that occur in our world. Here, the tiny Alpine country of Eylstadt is invaded by the imperialistic forces of Germania, which is similar to the Nazis invading Poland and taking over. The series is similar in content to other shows such as Full Metal Alchemist with a militant empire bent on world dominance. Izetta: The Last Witch is an interesting series so far, mixing intense action with drama and subtle humor. In short, if you like magical girls, amazing battles, witches riding guns and some fan service then be sure to check out the high flying adventures of the Brave Witches and the binding friendship of Izetta: The Last Witch.