The Last of Us Part II gameplay trailer!! Just wow!!

Okay, I just checked out the gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part II and all I gotta say is ‘wow.’ First and foremost, this is a graphically stunning game. The level of detail on the characters and environment are near to real life. Honestly, when the trailer first started, I thought I was watching a movie. And then the transition into the actual gameplay is flawless. The action is very fluid and incredibly intense. The AI seems to be bumped up as enemies now react more realistically to situations, such as dragging Ellie out from under a bus after locating her when she fires her gun. When the main character is hit by enemy fire, there usually is little visible signs of damage. That doesn’t seem to be the case with The Last of Us Part II. Ellie takes a shot in the arm and hurries to a safe location where she then pulls the foreign object out, thus healing herself slightly. I have yet to see this type of “real world” reaction in a game so this makes things interesting. Heck, check it out for yourself and see.

Currently, there is no date for The Last of Us Part II, which will be exclusive to PlayStation 4. After watching this, I have to jump back on the first game.

Until next time, I’ll see you “On the Next Level!”