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“Maggie”, a Schwarzenegger zombie film trailer has a “The Last of Us” vibe.

As a virulent zombie epidemic spreads terror across the globe, a father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) cares for his infected daughter (Abigail Breslin) while struggling to prepare her for the inevitable. Very interesting change in the genre. A US released date for the film has not been set.

Dead Island 2’s E3 trailer! AWESOME!

The one and only Dead Island is heading to the Golden State, and we’re bringing the zombie apocalypse to a whole new level! Experience the true new-generation zombie co-op vacation with Dead Island 2, and enjoy exclusive content on the PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015.

High School of the Dead set to return in Spring 2013!! About time!!

I recently got into High School of the Dead (appr. H.O.T.D. or HOTD) and was majorly disappointed that the series has been on hiatus. As a new fan, I glad to bring you news that the series is set for a comeback later this year. The announcement came in the March issue of Dragon Ace …

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Black Tribbles²: Call in to talk Walking Dead tonight at 10pm EST!

Sunday night WATCH The Walking Dead on AMC at 9pm EST; LISTEN, CALL & BUG-OUT with DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING 10pm EST on Black Tribbles² on 900AM WURD on your Philly radio dial, streaming onwww.900amWURD.com – On Air, Online and In the Community! Call in live at (866) 361-0900.

“Warm Bodies” official trailer. A zombie love story??? WHAT??

After a zombie becomes involved with the girlfriend of one of his victims, their romance sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world. Warm Bodies will hit theaters February 1, 2013. The book is popular in the Young Adult lit community and is sure to be a highly-anticipated event amongst …

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World War Z – The Movie!!!!

Based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks, this is the story of a world changed forever by…., you guessed it – zombies. Starring Brad Pitt, it appears to be the beginning of the end for the human race. Pitt is a UN worker trying to protect his family, along with attempting …

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Characters from Mario, Sonic, Pacman, Street Fighter, and more in ONE AWESOME FILM!

Okay, you NEED to see this new film coming out by Disney’s titled “Wreck It Ralph”. “Wreck-It Ralph” stars John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch. The bad-guy character in a classic game who longs to be a hero brings trouble to his entire arcade after sneaking into a new first-person shooter game and …

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