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Feb 24 2016

Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 4!!

They then take a section of the park. Benkei heads north of the fountain. Gingka and Yugi head east and west respectively while Yu and Kenta go south. Yugi walks down a pathway through the trees. After running into so many dead ends, he is excited to finally get a lead on one of his …

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Oct 16 2015

Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 1 Part 4!!

“That was a close one,” Yugi said. “If I had waited any longer, Dark Magician would have suffered a lot of damage. He’s still spinning. That’s good. I better go on the offensive while Taito’s distracted.” Yami commands Dark Magician to attack Desert Rattler. The purple colored bey clashes with its snake themed opponent before …

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Aug 28 2014

The J1-Con Wall of Tournaments!

As the date of J1-Con approaches, we remind you to prepare yourselves for battle. Hone your skills, solidify your decks, stretch out those thumbs! With a chance to win some extra spending cash (and a custom engraved J1-Con 1st place medal), the competition may be fierce. Be it Pokemon X/Y on 3DS, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading …

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Jul 21 2014

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament at J1-Con! Cash Prizes!

It’s TIME to D-D-D-D-DUEL!! Well.. not quite yet! Our upcoming J1-Con event will feature a Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game tournament. $5.00 Entry fee – Swiss Elimination. Of course, after the tournament, card gamers will be welcome to play against others freely in the game of their choice. Be it Vanguard, Duel Masters, Magic or Pokemon, bring …

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