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Yu-Gi-Oh X BeyBlade Chapter 8: Gingka vs Kobal Pt.1!!

Gingka steps up to the stadium to meet Kobal. Kobal’s attire is rather unusual. Her dress resembled mummy wrappings and she had wrappings on her arms and lower legs. There is more wrapping around her head with a couple straps hanging lazily on her face. Her bangs covered a majority of her face except for …

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South Philly Comics holds book drive for literacy

South Philly Comics believes in the power of the written word. Words have the power to transport us, to enrich us, to ennoble us. They have the ability to make us, and the world around us, better than it is, better than it has been. Tomorrow is built on today’s words. With that in mind, …

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Writing and Editing For Comics Featuring Edmondson & Swierczynski

Hey everyone. I got another panel I wanted to breakdown for you from the Philadelphia Comic Con aka Wizard World Philly. This time, we swing over to the writer side of things as I go in Sunday afternoon to the Writing and Editing in Comics Panel featuring Nathan Edmondson and Duane Swierczynski. As I and …

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